Stephani- Peep Show


Photo is not real, but the tits are close to what she has

Stephanie Peep Show in Afrodita (Ramat Gan-Bursa Area)

The girl was made for sex: Long Blond Hair, big eyes, big tits, long legs. She’s about 29 but barely shows it. The peep show is good for a quicky, with the entrance costing 70nis and time with Stephani, 100nis.

She doesn’t do more than HJ, no matter how much I’ve tried, but she’s good at what she does. As I waited for her in the room with the pole, this time I decided to not sit down. She entered the semi dark room and stood at the entrance wearing those skimpy outfits and 5 inch heels. She let me look at her for a few seconds, she looks like a porn star, no way around it. She walked over and started to press her body next to mine, with her leg between mine pressing. A few minutes later she drops down to her knees and removes my pants. I think for a second, will I get a BJ? …but no, she handles me well and guides me toward the couch. She knows that I like her to sit on me and have simulated sex with her tits infront of my face, her hands on my dick and her hips grinding into me…..but she doesn’t stop there, she stands up and turns around and spreads her legs for me and bends over.

She returns to sit next to me, while putting her tit in my face while finishing me off.

Its a quicky with a very sexy girl….it would be a fantasy come true if she would start to offer full service outside of the peep show.