My Top 3 Escorts in Tel Aviv

This is the main page of my “Escorts in Tel Aviv” Blog. It will be updated regularly with what I consider to be the top 3 escorts in tel aviv at any given moment. It should help you with picking the right girls for you during your visit in Israel. If you have any questions, always feel free to ask me in the comments below or through the contact me page.

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Last updated: 10.02.2018

1) Kimberly: Independent GFE  Israeli Escort

escorts in tel avivFace: 8.5/10. Big blue eyes, a long blonde flowing hair…she has the real “Pornstar” type of look.

Body: 9/10. She’s pretty tall (170cm) and slim (55kg), with big natural boobs (D cup). One of the most sexiest bodies I’ve seen among the escorts in Tel Aviv.

Sex: 8/10. Ask her to show you her striptease skills  and you will be amazed, she’s very good at that. She also has great BJ skills and it seems like she’s enjoying the whole action just as much as the client.

GFE: 9/10. She gives you the feeling like you’re having sex with your real girlfriend. DFK is included but only with aesthetic men.

Would I repeat? Of course! She’s one of the very very few independent escorts in Tel Aviv that I can really recommend without any doubt.

2) Ksenia Natural Tall Busty from Russia

ksenia escorts in tel avivFace: 8/10. She’s pretty in my opinion and has a lovely smile.

Body: 8.5/10. She has a rare body. Not thin, but not fat either. Very tall, with big natural boobs which are the highlight of her body. Ass is solid but I didn’t really focus on that.

Sex: 9/10. Really enjoyed the sex with her. She takes all the initiative, moans very loudly before she cums and you do feel like she’s enjoying the sex more than you.

GFE: 8/10. Didn’t try to french kiss her but we did kiss on the lips. The energy with her was very positive and I did feel like I’m spending time with someone I already knew.

Would I repeat? Yes! Yes! Yes! I really enjoyed with her. She’s one of the most unique escorts in tel aviv but unfortunately for me it will be the first and the last time I meet with her because of her very high pricing.

3) Meleni: A Sexy Blonde from Ukraine

meleni escorts in tel avivFace: 8.5/10. Blue eyes, a shoulder length blond hair, nice lips. She is very very beautiful.

Body: 8/10. 164cm of pure sexiness.  Her ass is amazing and so is the rest of her body. She would get a higher score if her boobs were natural.

Sex: 7.5/10. Sex with her is quite standard, I didn’t really have too many demands so I can’t be a good judge here. She seemed to enjoy the action and was trying her best to make me enjoy.

GFE 6/10. I felt like I’m spending time with someone I already knew. No french kisses.

Would I see her again? Yes. It was a very good experience. Her smile and good attitude is something you don’t come across too often when you meet escorts in tel aviv.

Below you will find other reports about the top escorts in tel aviv (which may have already left the country or simply got out of the top3 list because I found someone better):

Jessica the Sex Machine from Tel Aviv

escorts in tel avivFace: 7.5/10. If it was only for her face, I wouldn’t bother. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but this is not why I’m going to see her at least 3-4 more times before she leaves.

Body: 8/10. Again, not the main factor for me, even though she has a very solid body, athletic one.

Sex: 11/10. Yes, she’s a PRO.  She’s going straight to my top 3 list as the leader. She’s the best sex in Tel Aviv in my opinion these days. Enough said.

Would I see her again? I think you already know the answer 🙂

Julia 2: Classy Natural Busty Russian Escort

escorts in tel avivFace: 8.5/10. She’s very beautiful. Maybe a little older than what the pictures show, but still I would definitely stare at her if she were to walk by me in the street.

Body: 9/10. Amazing body, one of the best I’ve seen lately. For those who like thin girls with long legs and medium natural tits, she’s a great option.

Sex: 7.5/10. Nothing special about the sex, very standard with no interesting options on her menu. I can’t say the sex was bad, but I can’t say it was too good either. Great sucking skills though.

Would I repeat? I don’t think so. But she has a very high potential to become one of the best escorts in Tel Aviv because she really looks amazing.

Belle: The FTV Model / Escort from Russia

anya escorts in tel avivFace: 9/10. Long hair, blonde, blue eyes, sexy smile, amazing symmetry in her face. One of the most beautiful among the escorts in Tel Aviv that I’ve ever seen.

Body: 9.5/10. Terrific ass, great skin- smooth as silk, amazing legs. Almost flawless, if her tits were just a tiny bit bigger, she would have gotten the 10 for sure. But this is just me.

Sex: 9/10. As I mentioned, she’s a pro. Sometimes it gets in the way and she becomes a little too robotic, but hey, she can make you cum whenever she wants. Literally.

GFE (Girl Friend Experience): Non-existent.

Will I see her? Yes- but only if her schedule isn’t already filled up 2 weeks in advance like it was in her last round here in Tel aviv. She is definitely going to be one of the busiest escorts in tel aviv during her stay here.

Veronika: All Natural Russian Blonde (Has Left Israel)

Veronika escorts in tel avivFace: 8.5/10. Her face was the main reason I ordered her in the first place when I saw her pictures. I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw in reality.

Body: 8/10. I liked her body a lot even though its not very tight. Nice soft natural boobs are always welcomed by me.

Sex: 7.5/10. She is trying her best but without any interesting options on her menu this is the highest score I can give her.

GFE: 9/10. I definitely felt like I’m spending a very enjoyable time with my girlfriend. I cant promise that you will have the same experience as I had with her. I think that the bad weather helped  creating a nice atmosphere for us.

Would I repeat? Of course. I enjoyed every second and in my opinion she is one of the better options these days among the escorts in tel aviv.

Nina: Hot Russian Incall Escort near Tel Aviv (Has Left Israel)

nina escorts in tel avivFace: 7.5/10. She is young and kinda pretty, but in my opinion she wears too much make up which is something I don’t like.

Body: 9/10. Everything about her body is perfect. Amazing ass which I simply couldn’t stop touching. One of the hottest bodies I’ve seen lately among the escorts in Tel Aviv. Bigger boobs would give her a higher score.

Sex: 8.5/10. She knows the job quite well. No Anal or other interesting stuff on her menu. Her great bj skills make up for that big time.

GFE: 7/10. Kisses are included, not sure about french kisses as I didn’t try that with her.

Would I repeat? Yes. I enjoyed my time with her. She has an amazing young and sexy body.

Veronica the Sweet Busty Candy (Has Left Israel)

escorts in tel aviv veronikaFace: 8/10. Very pretty face, shoulder length brown hair, cute lips and eyes. One of the most classiest escorts in Tel Aviv (/Bat Yam) I’ve been with.
Body: 9/10. Very silk and tanned skin, smells good, very big natural boobs which are very full and nice to touch. Nice ass as well. Sexy as hell.
Sex: 7.5/10. Not the best sex in the world but still she has some nice skills. Especially her blow job skills are among the best. No anal and other interesting stuff.
GFE: 7/10. No french kisses (she doesn’t like it), but you do feel like you are spending some quality time with a woman that enjoys your company just as much as you enjoy hers.
Would I seer her again? For sure.
Just go and spend an hour with her. I Promise you will not be disappointed.

Natalie from Bat Yam (Has Left Israel)

natalie escorts in tel avivFace: 8/10. She is very young and it quite noticeable on her face. Very sexy and appealing.

Body: 8/10. Great ass, soft and smooth skin. Bigger tits would get her a higher score.

Sex: 7/10. She doesn’t offer too many interesting options on her menu, that’s why I couldn’t give her a higher score. But her Bj skills are great and I did enjoy the sex without a doubt.

GFE: 8/10. I did feel like I was having sex with a real girlfriend. Kisses are included (not DFK).

Will I see her again? Yes. I’ll be making at least one more visit to Natalie in the not so distant future. She’s one of the better options these days among the escorts in tel aviv.

Christina Young Blonde Russian (Has Left Israel)

chris21321Face: 8/10. Bright eyes, blonde hair, nice smile. She’s very pretty.

Body: 8.5/10. A compact firm body which smells good. Nice soft medium size boobs and a sexy tight little ass. No doubt she takes care of her body very well.

Sex: 8.5/10. She did everything I asked her and actually it looked like she enjoyed the action just as much as I did. Amazing bj skills combined with balls licking.

GFE: 7/10. I didn’t try to french kiss her so I can’t tell if shes up for it or not but besides that I did feel like I’m spending some time with a girl that enjoys my company.

Would I see her again? “She asked if I’d come back again. I promised her that I would.” ?

Veronica: Sexy Blonde with a Prefect Ass (Has Left Israel)

escorts in tel avivFace: 7.5/10. Long and blonde hair, bright and shiny eyes and some nice sexy lips. Maybe she isn’t the most pretty one, but she surely gets from me 10/10 for her sex appeal.

Body: 9/10. A perfect ass. Enough said. (small tits).

Sex: 9/10. Except anal, I believe she won’t say no to anything you ask her to do in bed. She also seems to enjoy the action more than the client which is very rare to find among the escorts in tel aviv.

Girlfriend Experience: 7/10. Pretty close to a girlfriend experience but no DFK.

Would I repeat? This girl surely knows how to make a penis smile. So my answer is YES

Nastya: Blonde Playboy Russian Girl (Has Left Israel)

nastya escorts in tel avivFace: 8.5/10. She has got the look of a sexy playboy girl. Bright eyes, long and flowing blonde hair, nice teeth. Very pretty.

Body: 8/10. I liked her “guitar” type of figure, very nice and soft ass. Tits weren’t big enough for me but I could live with that. She also has some very sexy tattoos all over her body.

Sex: 9/10. Great sucking skills, you can cum in her mouth, you can fuck her in any position you like. Really enjoyed the action with her.

GFE: 8.5/10. I did feel like I was with a real girlfriend, she likes to joke and laugh, kiss and hug. If she were up for some DFK she would surely get a higher score.

Would I see her again? Yes! Yes! and Yes! She is a very good option, especially these days when there aren’t too many escorts in tel aviv that are worth the money.

Julia: Ukrainian Gem who offers Full GFE (Has Left Israel)

juliaFace: 7/10. She isn’t one of the most beautiful escorts in Tel Aviv I’ve seen, but if only pure beauty is what you want to find, then go and look somewhere else. She’s way beyond that.

Body: 8/10. Great body, slim, athletic, great ass, only thing that is lacking is some tits. But again, it’s nonsense in that case.

Sex: 8/10. Anal, rim job, cum in mouth, very gentle cock sucking. Almost everything is on her menu.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience): 10/10. For me this is the main parameter to consider. Simply one of the best escorts in Tel Aviv in that regard. Amazing french kisses.

Would I repeat? Yes, and only because of the girlfriend experience part. I’ll not even come for the sex.

 Camila – One of the hottest Escorts in Tel Aviv (Has Left Israel)

Face: 9.5/10. Blue eyes. Blonde. She is surely one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever been with.

Body: 8.5/10. Amazing body just like in her pictures. Tits are kinda small, that’s why I couldn’t give her more than 8.5. Great ass.

Sex: 8/10 She’s very young so you can’t except her to be an expert in bed, but she does everything she can to make you feel satisfied. Very good sex.

Would I repeat? No! And only because I’m afraid to lose all my money because of her :). But more seriously, I would repeat for as much as possible. She is one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv at the moment.


Mari the russian Busty Blonde from Bat Yam (Has Left Israel)


Face: 7/10. She isn’t young but still looks very good. Blonde.

Body: 8/10. I liked her body, boobs are quite big even though not as full as they were 10 years ago I believe.

Sex: 9/10. Great Blow job, great fucking, great kissing. Enjoying the action as well.

Would I repeat? Probably yes, even though I like younger women, she is not a bad option at all for a day like today when I’m super horny:)

Arina with the Big Naturals (and Dental Bridge) (Has Left Israel)

independent escort tel avivFace: 8.5/10. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, dental bridge (which actually was quite a turn on for me), great lips. Very beautiful girl, not doubt.

Body: 10/10. Slim but not too skinny, very long and smooth legs, great ass, and one of the best set of natural boobs I’ve seen in a while among the escorts in Tel Aviv. For the natural boobs lovers, she’s a great option.

Sex: 7/10. The sex with her is quite limited, there aren’t any interesting options on her menu. But she can please you. And fucking such a nice figure is always nice.

GFE (girlfriend experience): 5/10. No french kissing, was willing to kiss only on the lips. If GFE is the most important factor for you, don’t bother.

Would I repeat? I think I would. Having sex with such a sexy girl is worth the 500nis in my opinion.

The Red Head Tel Aviv Escort Nastya (Has Left Israel)

Nastya Escorts in Tel AvivFace: 7.5/10 More cute than beautiful, for the red head lovers.

Body: 7/10 She has a decent body but not something spectacular that I haven’t seen yet. Tits are medium-big (naturals).

Sex: 8.5/10 She did everything she could to make me feel satisfied. Great attitude and desire.

Would I repeat? Not sure. But she is surely a good choice for anyone interested in a very friendly escort in Tel Aviv with a big smile.

Veronika who Does EVERYTHING (Has Left Israel)

ggdsfdsFace: 7.5. A pornstar type of face. Some of you will like it, some will not.

Body: 7.5. Nice body overall, even though I don’t like fake boobs too much. Her ass is ok. She’s not as thin as the pictures show. But I could live with that.

Sex: 9.5. Anal, cum in mouth, rim job and more…You can argue about the face and body, but her sex skills are simply indisputable.

Would I repeat? I think I would, still not sure. She is sexy, friendly and a good person who knows the job very well. One of the few escorts in Tel Aviv that does everything you want.

Lera A Busty Blonde Escort from Tel Aviv (Has Left Israel)

Face: 7.5/10. More cute than classical beautiful, looks like Lera escorts in tel avivthe girl next door more than a pornstar.

Body: 8/10. Compact and short body (around 1.62m-+), very pleasant body and skin, nice ass and one of the biggest set of tits among the escorts in tel aviv. Even though they’re fake, I still liked them.

Sex: 7.5/10. She’s obviously tries as much as she can but I had better sex experiences in the past.

Would I repeat? Maybe. And maybe not.

Marina with the big boobs from tel aviv Has (Has Left Israel)


Face: 8/10 green eyes, blonde with a pony hair cut.

Body: 9/10:  163cm, slim, for the big natural tits lovers.

Sex: 9/10: she’s pretty flexible with a tight pussy and doesn’t get tired easily.

One of the sexiest Escorts in Tel Aviv. Would surely repeat.

Cum in mouth, Rim job and Anal with Kylie (Has Left Israel)

Face: 7/10. I’ve seen better looking escorts in tel aviv, but again, this is just a taste sort of thing. I’m sure that there are guys who will love the way her face looks.

Body: 8/10. Big natural tits. Smooth and tight skin, ass is also looking great. Not a small figure, not fat but not thin either. For those who like a body of a real woman, she is for you.

Sex: 10/10. She’s doing everything in bed. And it also seems that she likes what she does. No reason to give her anything below a perfect 10 for her sex abilities.

Will I repeat? Of course. A very sweet girl, great sex, PSE and GFE for the price of one. No reason for me to look for other escorts in tel aviv while she’s in the city.

Carolina – A pretty Lady from Bat Yam (Has Left Israel)

escorts in tel aviv carolinaFace: 9/10. It’s very rare for me to give such a high score but she is indeed very pretty. One of the prettiest escorts in Tel Aviv / Bat Yam I’ve been with lately.

Body: 8/10. If you like big natural boobs, she’s the answer. Her skin is very pleasant and tight. She has a little belly as you can see in the pictures, but nothing too serious.

Sex: 8/10. The sex was quite standard, but very enjoyable. No CIM or anal or any other interesting option.

Would I repeat? Yes! Such a nice lady with very big natural boobs is not something you can find too often here among the escorts in Tel Aviv / Bat Yam.

Christina – Blonde Lap Dancer with Anal and Cum in Mouth (Has Left Israel)

Face: 7. Again, this is just my taste, others might like her more in that regard. Blonde with brown eyes. Nice teeth.

Body: 7.5. Quite tall, long and nice legs, tits aren’t big and not that full, ass is small and nice to touch.

Sex: 10. It’s very rare for me to give a 10 but she surely deserves it. Great blow job, you can cum in her mouth, good anal, very tight pussy. You just can’t ask for more.

Would I repeat? Yes. It’s very rare to find a girl that knows how to do the job like her.

Kristina one of the best anal escorts in Tel Aviv (Has Left Israel)Kristina

Face: 7.5/10. She’s pretty.

Body: 8.5/10. This is the highest a girl without tits would get in my scale. Her ass is out of this world.

Sex: 9/10. Better blow job skills would get her the 10/10, but 9/10 is also good

Would I see her again? Hell yeah! Great choice for anyone looking for escorts in Tel Aviv who does anal.

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