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Natalie: Young and Sexy Brunette from Russia

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Click on the picture to see her ad. The pictures are real.

What’s up guys? A new and fresh report is coming your way! Are you ready?

So the bad weather these last few days has made me super extra horny. A quick call to Natalie‘s receptionist and my encounter with Natalie was booked right away. (Hour of fun is 500NIS).
I arrived at Bat Yam and was quite pleased by what I saw. Natalie greeted me at the door and asked me in without thinking twice about it. I was given a quick hug and told to go to the shower. I did as she asked while thinking about this very young (20-22) and sexy brunette girl that I just met. What a looker she is!

After my shower we sat and talk for a little bit (her English isn’t the best). I noticed right away that Natalie is the shy type. Her long flowing brown hair and pretty face kept my attention as we continued to talk. The outfit she wore didn’t leave much to the imagination. It certainly got my juices flowing as we talked.

Natalie took off all her clothes and the view I had was very appealing. I couldn’t help but stare in total pleasure. Natalie isn’t the kind of girl that’s into anything too rough. She’s not going to let you knock on her back door. She is only into gentle sex. You need to know these things before getting in the sack with her.

Let’s talk about the action this brown haired beauty and I had. The first thing she did was caress my entire body. Natalie rubbed me down and it felt so good. I didn’t want to move the entire time. I also was able to catch glimpses of her naked body as she did so. I really enjoyed seeing her totally nude while rubbing me all over. Needless to say, I didn’t need to take a little pill to make my cock hard.

I’m always a sucker for great oral sex. Natalie has some awesome cock sucking skills and she’s not shy about it. I’m amazed by how quickly Natalie got over her shyness. There wasn’t a shy bone in her body as she was bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I was in total bliss and enjoying every second of it.

Natalie wasn’t done with me after her lips needed a break. This was when she offered up that amazing pussy of hers. I still can’t get the pleasant scent of her pussy out of my mind. I could tell she was really getting turned on while sucking my cock.

A whisper in my ear took me by surprise. Natalie whispered and told me to be gentle. She did so in such a sweet voice. How could I not treat her like the delicate flower she is? I was extremely gentle with her in every way possible. I made sure to not go too fast or too hard. We did it in a few different positions and it seemed like she was devoting 100% of herself to the cause.

I filled the condom up with semen after 15 minutes of an enjoyable sex and plopped down on the bed next to her. I was feeling quite tired afterwards. Much to my surprise, Natalie cuddled with me a little after I came. The afterglow was so beautiful and I enjoyed it quite a bit. These girls that like it slow and steady can actually be quite fun.

A quick summery:

Face: 8/10. She is very young and it is quite noticeable on her face. She has a very sexy and appealing appearance.

Body: 8/10. Great ass, soft and smooth skin. Bigger tits would get her a higher score.

Sex: 7/10. She doesn’t offer too many interesting options on her menu, that’s why I couldn’t give her a higher score. But her Bj skills are great and I did enjoy the sex without a doubt.

GFE: 8/10. I did feel like I was having sex with a real girlfriend. Kisses are included (not DFK, at least not with me).

Will I see her again? Yes. I’ll be making at least one more visit to Natalie in the not so distant future.


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