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Meleni: A Hot Blonde from Ukraine

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Click on the picture to see her ad. Photos are real/very close to reality.

What’s up guys?!

Long time no see!

How have you been??

I’m really sorry for my long absence. I simply decided to take a long break off of this hobby and focus on some other important stuff that have been happening in my life. I actually wasn’t going to post any time soon but a friend who has been keeping in contact with me was very persuasive and made me go see Meleni. He told me that he saw her 3 times already and swore to me that she is so hot and sexy. He promised that if I won’t enjoy with her, he will give me 50% of my money back. I was left with no other choice but to go and pay Meleni a visit. 🙂

A quick phone call to her receptionist and my meeting with the young Ukrainian (25yrs old) was booked. I came to her apartment in Ben yehuda street in Tel aviv exactly at the agreed time. She greeted me with a very lovely smile and a warm hug as if we already knew each other.

My friend was right-


Blonde, slim, beautiful face, relatively big boobs (enhanced). She is definitely a girl you would stare at if she were to walk by you on the street.

I was quite in a rush so I decided to take the shorter deal which includes 400nis for 40mins of fun (as opposed to 500 for 1 hour).

I took a quick shower and entered her room where she was already fully naked on her bed waiting just for me. We started to caress each other and kiss. Without waiting too much she grabbed my cock and started to make love to it with a very pleasant combination of hands and mouth which almost made me cum within like 5 minutes. I stopped her right before it happened. It’s true I was in a rush, but I still wanted to fully enjoy with this young hot lady.

I put a condom on and spread her legs wide open so I can make love to her in missionary position. A few minutes in that position and some more in doggy (which she seemed to really like) and my white liquid was finally set free. We took a quick shower together and after that I thanked her, gave a her a goodbye kiss and left her place with a smile on my face 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 8.5/10. Blue eyes, a shoulder length blond hair, nice lips. She is very very beautiful.

Body: 8/10. 164cm of pure sexiness.  Her ass is amazing and so is the rest of her body. She would get a higher score if her boobs were natural.

Sex: 7.5/10. Sex with her is quite standard, I didn’t really have too many demands so I can’t be a good judge here. She seemed to enjoy the action and was trying her best to make me enjoy.

GFE 6/10. I felt like I’m spending time with someone I already knew. No french kisses.

Would I see her again? Yes. It was a very good experience. Her smile and good attitude is something you don’t come across too often.


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