Meleni: A Hot Blonde from Ukraine

escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her ad. Photos are real/very close to reality.

What’s up guys?!

Long time no see!

How have you been??

I’m really sorry for my long absence. I simply decided to take a long break off of this hobby and focus on some other important stuff that have been happening in my life. I actually wasn’t going to post any time soon but a friend who has been keeping in contact with me was very persuasive and made me go see Meleni. He told me that he saw her 3 times already and swore to me that she is so hot and sexy. He promised that if I won’t enjoy with her, he will give me 50% of my money back. I was left with no other choice but to go and pay Meleni a visit. 🙂

A quick phone call to her receptionist and my meeting with the young Ukrainian (25yrs old) was booked. I came to her apartment in Ben yehuda street in Tel aviv exactly at the agreed time. She greeted me with a very lovely smile and a warm hug as if we already knew each other.

My friend was right-


Blonde, slim, beautiful face, relatively big boobs (enhanced). She is definitely a girl you would stare at if she were to walk by you on the street.

I was quite in a rush so I decided to take the shorter deal which includes 400nis for 40mins of fun (as opposed to 500 for 1 hour).

I took a quick shower and entered her room where she was already fully naked on her bed waiting just for me. We started to caress each other and kiss. Without waiting too much she grabbed my cock and started to make love to it with a very pleasant combination of hands and mouth which almost made me cum within like 5 minutes. I stopped her right before it happened. It’s true I was in a rush, but I still wanted to fully enjoy with this young hot lady.

I put a condom on and spread her legs wide open so I can make love to her in missionary position. A few minutes in that position and some more in doggy (which she seemed to really like) and my white liquid was finally set free. We took a quick shower together and after that I thanked her, gave a her a goodbye kiss and left her place with a smile on my face 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 8.5/10. Blue eyes, a shoulder length blond hair, nice lips. She is very very beautiful.

Body: 8/10. 164cm of pure sexiness.  Her ass is amazing and so is the rest of her body. She would get a higher score if her boobs were natural.

Sex: 7.5/10. Sex with her is quite standard, I didn’t really have too many demands so I can’t be a good judge here. She seemed to enjoy the action and was trying her best to make me enjoy.

GFE 6/10. I felt like I’m spending time with someone I already knew. No french kisses.

Would I see her again? Yes. It was a very good experience. Her smile and good attitude is something you don’t come across too often.


Kimberly…A Busty Blonde that You Should Meet. (Guest Post #2)

So here we are again with another very special post. The report that you are about to read was sent to me just a few hours ago by another loyal reader of my blog who has been using my tips and recommendations during his short visit in Tel Aviv this week. He has returned just today back home to the U.S and surprisingly (or not) the first thing he did was to put on writing his sex experience with Kimberly and email it to me. Of course I asked for his permission to “copy&paste” it to my blog so you can all read and enjoy it (his writing skills are second to none).
So….have fun!



Click on the picture to see her website. Photo is not real but gives a very good indication to how she looks.

 I would like to thank you Alex a lot for everything, I had such a wonderful time in Israel! Kimberly had a big part in making my time there unforgettable so I am happy to write up my whole experience with her for you just like you asked me to:

First her website, professionally designed and intriguing, always a good sign for me. The communication with Kimberly was uncomplicated and clear as we worked out time and place (my hotel). The first surprise came was when we confirmed our “date,” she asked me if I have any specific clothing request. My experience has been that I have to initiate the request and just hope it was honored.

“Since you asked”, I wrote, I have clothing fetish, just as your website suggests. She in turn, wrote me back with some clothing options: secretary? maid, lingerie, hi heels? stockings? I chose the office option with stockings and hi heels. I admit this little back and forth email already aroused me…but I had to wait until the next afternoon until our date.

In the morning we confirmed the time and soon she arrived. Wearing regular discrete clothes, She entered my room, she’s about 27-28, gave me a lite kiss then turned around and entered the bathroom. Now I was filled with anticipation as I waited for her, and when she stepped out, I think my mouth fell open.

White shirt, open with no bra, tits bursting out, short loose black skirt with stockings and hi heels. She just stood there for a few seconds, smiled, a smile full of promise, then walked over me while unbuttoning her shirt. I didn’t really notice but I had stood up when she walked out of the bathroom. As she was pressing her body against mine, she was looking into my eyes with her hand between my legs.

My hand went up to her tits, she pushed me back down to the chair and put her beautiful tits in my face, making sure each one got equal time. At the same time my hand was on her ass under her skirt, and then in her pussy.

Then she did what has been my fantasy since I was 16 years old. This slim, long blond haired girl with the playboy type body got down on her knees, unzipped my pants and took my half erect member in her mouth. There was a full length mirror next to the bed and I just watched her half mesmerized as she switched between sucking and licking.

It didn’t take long for me to be fully erect but she had other plans, she stood up, lifted up her skirt and pushed my face into her pussy, there I started to lick and lick. She then turned around and gave me lap dance. Moving to the bed first on her knees she lifter her skirt inviting me, she then turned over, laid on her back and spread her legs wide and motioned me to continue. Finger in vagina, tongue on her clit her body moved with me and her wetness was obvious…this just made me more harder.But I wanted more of her mouth, I climbed up and put my cock in between her tits, she slid down and soon she was sucking me again and i was fucking her mouth.

She slid out from beneath me and walked over to the wall, spread her legs, lifted her skirt, moved the thin cloth covering her and showed me the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I moved in. She put a condom on me which took exactly 2 seconds and now bending over, put my member inside of her. There I pumped and pumped and pumped, still couldn’t believe my eyes. She then went to the chair, sat in it and spread her legs, wide, very wide and I on top of her.

A few minutes of that position and soon we switched to doggy, and then to her riding me, again with those tits smothering me. All the time this was happening, she would be looking at me with these big eyes of her, the kind that make you think she is only thinking of you. It took me about 35 minutes before I finally came, but she didn’t leave. After cleaning me up, she layed next to me lightly playing with me until I was hard again, where soon her mouth was back to sucking me.

I went to the side of the bed and stood up, with her sucking me while she was on her knees on the bed, and incredible view for a secretary fantasy. I turned her around, lifted up her skirt and entered once again, hands on her tits. She then turned around, sat in front of me and finished me with a combo hand/bj. She had this great smile when I came, a kind of like “success”.
We spent the remaining 10-15 minutes talking. She seemed to be in no hurry to leave, but leave she did, leaving behind one very very satisfied client.

A quick update #1 (25/03/2016): Apparently Kimberly had some good experiences with clients who have read about her on my blog, so she contacted me and asked to let all my visitors know that if you want a 100NIS discount off of her original price, all you have to do is to mention my blog when you email her. Pretty simple, right? 🙂

A quick update #2 (24/06/2016): Kimberly goes BI
She is now offering services to women as well as men. She has a second website just for women, for those who are interested, click here.


Ksenia: Tall Russian Escort with Big Natural Boobs

ksenia escorts in tel aviv

Pictures are real though with 10% touches of Photoshop.

My favorite season of the year (spring) is almost here and I think its a good way to finish off the winter with a positive review for you my loyal readers.

This time I’m gonna tell you about a sweet piece of candy named Ksenia from Russia. I will start off by saying that I did something that I‘ve never done before. I paid 1000nis for one hour with her. I never ever ever pay more than 700nis for a girl from the agencies. But, this time I just had no other choice since her pictures made my dick so hard. You can’t really argue with your dick, you know… 😉

The meeting was booked quite easily and within a few hours she was already in my daily use room that I ordered just for the occasion. She entered with a big smile and a very positive attitude. I knew that I was gonna enjoy my time with her for sure. I could tell just by feeling her good energy. Its very important to me.

Her look is very unique. She has very big natural boobs (D-F cup) and she is also very tall. I would say around 1.75-1.8m. I can’t remember when was the last time I had been with such a tall natural busty girl. Probably never.

The pictures on her ad describes her physic quite well. Maybe there is some Photoshop touching up, but not too much.

To my surprise, she was horny as hell. She was the one who initiated everything. She started to kiss me and undress me right away. Before I even said a word, my cock was already inside her wet mouth. At first it looked to me as if she was trying to rush things and finish our meeting quickly. I told her to relax, otherwise I will cum too soon. But she told me not to worry and that we have enough time for more rounds. I liked her answer and it made me feel more comfortable.

ksenia escorts in tel aviv

Even though it looks like silicone, her boobs are 100% natural. You have to feel them to believe.

From that point, the sex was very good and I really enjoyed everything she had done to me. She likes to dominate and dictate the rhythm in every position. I tried to maneuver her to a missionary position, but she grabbed me, and showed me that she wanted to ride my dick. After a few seconds of her riding me, I understood why she wanted this position so bad. She came time after time and my whole stomach was covered with her pussy juice. It made me very horny and within a few moments I simply couldn’t hold it anymore and sprayed all my cum inside the condom while she was still riding me.

We took a quick shower and went on to the second round. She tried to wake up my dick by sucking it, and indeed within a few seconds, it was hard and ready again. She told me to take control this time and fuck her the way I wanted to.

I fucked her in the missionary position, and then a few moments in doggy, and my second dosage of cum was delivered right on time. A few seconds after that her phone rang which meant that the time was up. Ksenia took a second quick shower and said that she really enjoyed the sex with me. I told her the same 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 8/10. She’s pretty in my opinion and has a lovely smile.

Body: 8.5/10. She has a rare body. Not thin, but not fat either. Very tall, with big natural boobs which are the highlight of her body. Ass is solid but I didn’t really focus on that.

Sex: 9/10. Really enjoyed the sex with her. She takes all the initiative, moans very loudly before she cums and you do feel like she’s enjoying the sex more than you.

GFE: 8/10. Didn’t try to french kiss her but we did kiss on the lips. The energy with her was very positive and I did feel like I’m spending time with someone I already knew.

Would I repeat? Yes! Yes! Yes! I really enjoyed with her but unfortunately for me it will be the first and the last time I meet with her because of her very high pricing.

How to reach Ksenia?
I’m less interested in supporting the exaggerated rise in prices among the escort agencies in Tel aviv, therefore, I decided not to publish her advertisement here on my blog.
But, if you still feel that you really really wanna know how to reach Ksenia, you can send me a short email and I’ll explain to you how to do that.



Veronica: A Sweet Candy in Bat Yam (Very Big Naturals)


Click on the image to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

Whats up guys? I have something very sweet for you today.

Veronica is her name and I can easily spend 2 hours trying to convince you why you should visit her as soon as you can by writing about my sex experience with her. To be honest with you, in this case, it would be a total waste of time, both for me and for you. If you trust me, simply leave everything you are doing and book a meeting with her, right now. As simple as that. You don’t get to be with such a sweet candy too often here in Israel and pay only 500nis for the hour.

The sex with her isn’t wild by any stretch of the imagination and perhaps with some of you she will kiss only on the lips. But come on…who cares about such nonsense? Look at her pictures. They are 100% real. Do I really have to add anything else to make you believe that she’s something special?

Veronica is a very young girl, she claims to be 21 years old and I do believe it’s not that far from that, my guess is 23-24. She is beautiful. Very beautiful in my opinion. She has a classic beauty – Cute face, brunette, short (158), not fat at all and with very big natural boobs. She is one of those girls that makes you wonder and ask the obvious question – “how come you are working at this profession?”. I’m having really hard times understanding how come she hasn’t found a good husband for her yet. One that will take care of her for good. Maybe one of you will steal her heart? Who knows…
Anyway, this is her second visit here in Israel, she loves the Israeli weather and beaches, but if you ask me, this is going to be her last visit here, at least as an escort.

Just for the record, a quick summery about Veronica:
Face: 8/10. Very pretty face, shoulder length brown hair, cute lips and eyes. One of the most classiest escorts in Tel Aviv (/Bat Yam) I’ve been with.
Body: 8.5/10. Very silk and tanned skin, smells good, very big natural boobs which are very full and nice to touch. Nice ass as well. Sexy as hell.
Sex: 7.5/10. Not the best sex in the world but still she has some nice skills. Especially her blow job skills are among the best. No anal and other interesting stuff.
GFE: 7/10. No french kisses (she doesn’t like it), but you do feel like you are spending some quality time with a woman that enjoys your company just as much as you enjoy hers.
Would I seer her again? For sure.
Just go and spend an hour with her. I Promise you will not be disappointed. 

Megan from London (New Private Escort in Tel Aviv)

imageI’m sorry to disappoint guys, but I don’t have any new sex experience to share with you this time.
Instead, what I’m about to do is something I’ve never done yet with my blog. I’m going to publish here a full conversation that I had with one very interesting visitor of my blog who decided to contact me by email. Her name is Megan, and you better read until the end of this special post, I’m sure you will enjoy 🙂

Hi there,
I’m Megan… England born and bred and now living in Israel. Although
a university graduate  with everything costing so much here and wages being not so much I’ve decided to give private escorting a go and doing some research
stumbled upon your page. Im in my early 20s, very small ( 5ft) have
long brown hair with blonde lights and a slim although. Of perfectly
tomes body with 32 d natural breasts.
I found myself getting wetter and wetter as I read each review you had
written so I was wondering if Perhaps you would like to be my very
first client – let me know what you would be after and we can go from
there. I eagerly await your response.

Hey Megan,
It actually took me a few moments to realize that this is a female who’s writing to me, until now all of the messages I got through my contact form where from males who wanted me to help them find a good escort. So it was refreshing reading your email 🙂

To be honest with you, sharing my sex experiences on my blog is something I do just for fun in my spare time, I’m not so sure that I want to expose myself yet to someone who can connect between me and my blog, but meanwhile, if you want I can definitely help you get high quality clients through my blog. Mostly are tourists or businessmen who are visiting Tel aviv for just a few days. Needless to say, I won’t charge a dime. This is all just for fun 🙂
Let me know if you are interested

Glad it was refreshing! as I mentioned I stumbled upon your blog as I’ve decided to dabble in some escorting and once I started reading I couldn’t stop- so good job great blog. What you offered sounds very interesting even if you wouldn’t be recommending from your personal experience I want to do this independently not as part of an agency so you could really help me

lets do something like that.. give me as many details as you can about you..things like:
-Stats (age, height, weight, eyes, hair, etc..)
-Services- (GFE? PSE? Role plays? BDSM?)
-What you like, what you like less
-Where would you like to meet with your clients
-Ways to contact you
And really anything that you can think of that might be important and interesting for the client to know…and prices of course. Some more pictures will surely help.

I will then upload a report about you to my blog and hopefully it will help you get some clients.
Let me know what you think 🙂

I’m 21 but I seriously look about 15 … Height 5ft 0 weight 77 pounds .. Hair long brown straight or curly can be either with blonde lights through it .. Eyes brown … Down for GFE, oral with no condom, cum in mouth ( or anywhere to be honest) .. Have absolutely no experience with BDSM although there is always a first time for everything .. Anal I would possibly consider but for an additional fee and dependent on the guy and size of his cock would have to think about it. Sex only with a condom. Also more than happy to role play.. As I’ve never done anything like this before I may be a bit shy or timid at first ( maybe I’ll have to have a few drinks first lol) but I lge getting eaten out and fucked so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it and make sure the guy does too.. I’m really petite so most guys I’ve been with sexually get a thrill out of throwing me around and I’ve been told in the past that I give an amazing blow job – tea bag- rim combination ;).. Contactable by email only currently .. Can’t send more pictures as my day job would be at jeopardy ; I’m a “censored” ;)…  . I only Speak English and have a heavy London accent. I aim to charge 1200 sh an hour (2000 for 2 hours) and want to go t hotels or peoples places not mine . People visiting rather than living here would be less risky for me being found out so would be quite desirable .

Great! I will think about how to write my report about you, maybe I will simply copy paste our conversation and let all my visitors see it “as is”, are you cool with that?
And I understand your desire to keep your privacy more than anything, so maybe you can find some pictures on the internet that can somewhat give a good indication to what your body looks like? It’s not a must but will really help people decide.

You don’t need to write a whole review but maybe just pass my email and pics on to those that may ask you ?.. I’m not about finding fake pictures so I’ve managed to take a few real ones that still keep my anonymity … What do you think ??


       THE END.

So what do you guys think? I haven’t met her yet so I can’t say if she’s good or bad. But without a doubt she does sound very interesting to me and of course her pictures are very tempting.
So, if any of you is interested in meeting Megan, and only if you promise to treat her well and of course to tell us about your experience with her afterwards, you can send me a short email by using the contact page and I’ll reply and provide you with her email address.

Sheri: One of The Biggest Pair of Tits in Israel

If you ask me, “WOW”, is the most frequent word that Sheri has heard in her life from guys like me after we get to see her taking her clothes off.

I must confess, she isn’t my type. I prefer thinner girls with medium to big size boobs (C-D cups). Well, she isn’t thin, and her boobs are definitely not big, nor medium, they are simply (and I have to dedicate a separate line for this):


    Just some picture I found that somewhat reminds me of the size of her boobs.

Just some picture I found that somewhat reminds me of the size of her boobs.

I’ve never seen boobs that big. At least not in real life, that’s for sure. They are also very full. You can’t believe that such things exist until you see it with your own eyes. Even though she wasn’t my type, I just couldn’t stay apathetic to that view of these enormous set of water melons that were in front of me, and I knew that there is no going back now. I had to stay there and see how these gigantic juggs feel like when I hold them with my hands. You actually need 10 hands to be able to hold such heavy basketballs  🙂

So besides boobs, Sheri is a nice woman. She’s quite short (158-162cm), her age is somewhere around 25-28 and she has a very cute smile. She’s an indendent Israeli working girl, originally from U.S.A. She’s welcoming her clients in a very small apartment in the center of Bnei-Brak, a rather religious type of city, 10 minutes from Tel Aviv. Hour of fun with her worth 500nis.

One thing that must be said about her – she isn’t thin. Well, you can’t expect such woman who carries KK  boobs to be thin, can you? On the other hand, she’s surely not too fat either. For me she is the great definition of a BBW, for those who like BBW, I think I will never have a better option to recommend to you than Sheri.

In terms of sex, well, for me it wasn’t that important. I tried to take advantage of the time I had with Sheri and play with her boobs as much as I could. When you play with her boobs you feel like a little kid lost in the biggest playground in the world. We did have sex though, nothing spectacular, and if you are looking to have some wild action with her, forget about it, it’s not going to happen. You come for her boobs. And you cum on her boobs. Period. 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 7/10. I can’t say she’s the most beautiful girl in the world but she’s surely one of the cutest out there and with a nice and very friendly smile.

Body: 8/10. I actually didn’t know how to rate her body, this isn’t something you see too often. But I did enjoy a lot playing with her boobs,  so she deserves a high score.

Sex: 7.5/10. Again, it’s hard to compare the sex with her to others. I didn’t even want to have sex with her. I only wanted to play with her boobs for as long as possible.

Will I see her again? I believe I will, even though she isn’t my type. Her boobs are definitely something that is too difficult to get out of your head.

How to contact Sheri?

Well, she’s not advertising herself anywhere, so like I did with Julia,  I’m not going to publish here Sheri’s phone number. And just like with Julia, I ask you again, read very carefully my report about Sheri, and only if you believe that she’s exactly what you are looking for, only then contact me through the contact page, and I’ll reply with her phone number. Please treat her with respect!




Arina: Sexy Russian with Big Boobs (and a Dental Bridge)

independent escort tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad. Photos are real, in real life she looks even better in my opinion.

OK so unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to meet Anya due to heavy budget limitation. Spending 800nis+ hotel room is a bit too much for me at this period of my life when I have quite a few expenses that I have to make, but of course it is impossible to pass such a long period without visiting a beautiful young escort here in Tel Aviv, so I decided to go for a cheaper option, but in my eyes, the better one, in terms of value for money. So I decided to visit Arina.

Arina, who is welcoming her clients in a small apartment in Bat Yam (bordering Tel Aviv), is coming to us from Russia of course. Oddly, she speaks quite a few languages, including English and quite fluently, so the communication with her is perfect.
The highlight about her is her perfect body (173-176cm) and moreover, her relatively large boobs that she carries with her, which are natural, full and soft. It’s been a while since I saw such a perfect chest (she can maybe even compete with Meital in that regard, even though I like Meital’s more).

To be honest, the sex with Arina is a little limited in terms of options, and her young age (20-22) and lack of experience do not add to the situation . But for those of you who are simply looking for a young and very beautiful girl to fuck, Arina can certainly be a good solution for that. I paid 500nis for a full hour of joy in which I managed to cum twice without any hurry or pressure from her.
For people who are looking for an escort that provides the total girlfriend experience with French kissing, she may not be the perfect option for that. With me she was willing to kiss only on the lips, but that’s how it was with me, maybe with others it will be different, I dunno…


To sum this short report up:

Face: 8.5/10. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, dental bridge (which actually was quite a turn on for me), great lips. Very beautiful girl, not doubt.

Body: 10/10. Slim but not too skinny, very long and smooth legs, great ass, and one of the best set of natural boobs I’ve seen in a while. For the natural boobs lovers, she’s a great option.

Sex: 7/10. The sex with her is quite limited, there aren’t any interesting options on her menu. But she can please you. And fucking such a nice figure is always nice.

GFE (girlfriend experience): 5/10. No french kissing, was willing to kiss only on the lips. If GFE is the most important factor for you, don’t bother.

Would I repeat? I think I would. Having sex with such a sexy girl is worth the 500nis in my opinion.


Kimberly – Private Escort with Big Naturals

Lillit: Independent Escort in Tel Aviv

Photo is not real, but the body and tits are good doubles of what she has

The picts in her website are not her, but they are very close to what you get: long flowing blonde hair, big tits that stand out, and a face that  could star in a porn movie, unfortunately one doesn’t get that porn star experience that the face promises, on the other hand, she does have a sense of humor as she has this section on her website of “real stories, there is only one story, but who among us are not curious about her experiences? Hopefully there will be more.

the password is  mystories.

and back to the natural big titted blond…

She’s actually is a bit embarrassed to speak English though she understands everything  so there isn’t a communication problem. She came out of the bathroom wearing 5” heels and a skimpy outfit that reminded me of what you get in the peep shows. She walked over with a walk that frankly also reminded me of a peep show, so given that feeling I moved over to the chair and let her give me a lap dance. but unlike the standard lap dance i put my hand down her panties  🙂 and sucked on her nipples.

We moved over to the bed, where the fun continued. She has this extremely sexy way about her, be it her eyes looking at me or the way she was rubbing her body over mine. Soon she got down down to business with a good bj. She kept looking up at me with those big eyes… Soon it was time for the main event, and for me that meant her sitting on me, with those tits bouncing  in front of me. However I also like her ass, so while wearing the 5” heels I put her against the wall, taking a step back I almost cum, she was like a blond goddess in that position, Looking back at me, she motioned for me for me to come closer. She grabbed my member and placed it inside.

after pumping her for 5 minutes, she turned around, got down on her knees and finished me off with a combo hand and mouth….

I can recommend her




Erotic Massage with Meital: Big Natural Tits and Happy Ending

To be honest with you guys, I went a little bit over my limits as far as money goes so as a result I decided to limit myself in the next few days. I haven’t been with any new escorts in Tel Aviv or other working girl lately.

Of course I couldn’t leave you without any new report this week so I decided to share some details about a very cool working girl who gives a very sensual Erotic Massage. I’ve been seeing her for quite a while now and I thought it would benefit my readers who are looking for a good body massage with an happy ending near Tel Aviv. So lets get to it…

Meital erotic massage in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her website. The picture is not of hers but is a very good double. A perfect body for an Erotic Massage:)

Meet Meital. She is a pretty girl, with a tanned skin and a shoulder length black hair. She’s about 28-30 years old and her height is somewhere between 164 to 168 cm. The highlight about her is, as you probably already guessed, a wonderful body which is relatively thin and carries a stunning pair of breasts (D-E cup), which are of course all natural 🙂

Meital is a private masseur from Ramat-Gan (bordering Tel Aviv), she’s welcoming her clients at her studio apartment which is very clean and well organized. If you want to book a meeting with her you should call her at least an hour in advance and set up the meeting. Excuse her if she sounds a bit tough on the phone, it’s just her way to protect herself from some weirdos which have been doing some bad stuff to her in the past. When you get to meet her you will see right away that she is a very sweet person, in all aspects :).

What Does the Erotic Massage with Meital include?

She has various deals on her menu, I go only with one which includes 250nis that gets me a body massage / erotic massage and the right to play with her amazing boobs for a maximum time of 30 minutes. And of course an happy ending.

She starts off with a good body massage, which is not professional but yet a very pleasant one with those nice big melons that she has. After like 10 minutes which are spent with her boobs traveling all over your back, she tells you to turn around and lie on your back so that your dick can also enjoy what her body has to offer. Some intense tittyfucking and a bit of dirty talk by her which is something that she does very well, and there I usually lose it and let all my liquid come out. For me, 25-30 minutes is usually enough with her.
From what I know she offers a little kinkier stuff, things like light BDSM, prostate massage, and even for the brave ones she can penetrate to your ass hole with a strap-on that she has. I never asked her any of these things because it’s not appealing to me, but just thought you should know about it if you’re attracted to these sort of stuff.

To sum this post up, I would say that Meital is a great choice for anyone out there who’s looking for a good body massage / erotic massage which includes some nice big natural tits and just in general she’s simply a very cool and easy going person so you will surely enjoy the time with her. By the way, from what I know she won’t have sex with clients, so please don’t insult her by asking for it. Erotic Massage only.

Enjoy 🙂

Marina & Katya: An Unforgettable Threesome in Tel Aviv

Marina big boobs threesome in tel aviv

Click on the image to see their ad, photos are real.

I’ve been getting a few messages from you guys asking me “where to find a good threesome in Tel Aviv?”. My answer to all of you was always the same: “I have no clue”.

Well, as of today folks, this is no longer going to be my answer for that specific question, at least for the next few weeks. I’ve just got back from one of the best sex experiences I’ve had in a while in Tel Aviv with sexy Marina and her friend, Katya, who lives with her in her apartment.

Marina, who I’ve already posted a very positive review about, is a blonde russian with natural big boobs. I’ve actually met her 4 times already and wanted to do something different this time. So I asked her if her partner who works with her in the same apartment can join us for an hour of fun. She smiled and immediately went to bring Katya with her (an additional 400NIS). Katya entered the room and just going back now to that moment where the both of them were standing in front of me with their naughty smiles, knowing what’s going to come next, this “picture” gives me such a very hard boner.

Sexy Katya threesome in tel aviv

Click on the image to see their ad, photos are real.

I got so excited from the situation that my little friend down there didn’t want to wake up and function for a few minutes. I told Katya to help me with this problem and suck my cock gently. Well, it’s quite obvious that Katya’s father is a farmer, because she really knows how to raise a cock 🙂

While Katya’s giving me a very pleasant blowjob, Marina who is already familiar with what I like to do with her from our last meetings, simply handed to me her big boobs so I could feel them with my face and suck them like a little baby. This position right there simply felt just too good and I came after like 4 minutes like a 15 years old kid 🙂

We all went to take a quick shower and I knew that the second time would be harder for me but I also knew that they won’t let me leave before I show them my dose of sperm for the second time so it made me feel relaxed and ready for the second round 🙂

The second round started with a good team work by them, Marina sucking my cock while Katya is getting a good taste of my balls. My cock stood up right away and was ready to penetrate their holes. Condom was put on and I started to drill Katya’s pussy in the doggy style position while Marina is standing to my right giving me to suck her golden tits. After a few minutes in that position, Marina told me she wants to feel my cock inside her so they switched and Marina started to ride me in the cowgirl position. Katya who seemed to be quite horny, simply sat on my face and told me to eat her out while Marina is fucking me. Needless to say, I obeyed. This position was again just too much for me and after like 5-7 minutes I shot my second dose of sperm. “That’s it, I’m done for today” I told them. There was still time to try a third round but I knew it would be too difficult for me and I wanted to leave with a good taste.

Took a quick shower, gave them both a kiss and thanked them for this amazing experience. They will probably be staying in Tel Aviv for another 6-8 weeks so I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll order them both for a crazy threesome again at least one more time.