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Nina: Incall Russian Escort with a Very Hot Body

This rain just won’t stop falling on us, will it? This kind of crazy weather raises my levels of horniness by ten times, which brings us this shorter than usual report about Nina. Why short? Because I wasn’t planning on doing this today and had to maneuver it with my other errands that I had in the area, so my meeting with her was shorter than usual.

So lets cut to the chase…Nina….

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Click on the picture to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

Nina has a very hot body. It was the main thing that caught my eyes in the first place when I saw her advertisement, and it was the thing that made me leave everything that I was doing and book a meeting with her right away. (hour of fun=500nis, 40minutes=400nis).

She welcomed me with a friendly smile in her apartment in Bat Yam and offered a glass of water. Nina is very young (20-22), you can tell it by her behavior which was a little nervous at first. She became more open and relaxed as soon as she realized that I’m a good man of course :).

She handed me a clean towel and ordered me to take a quick shower before we start doing anything, and so I did. It’s always a good sign for me when a girl demands that the client will take a shower. After I finished showering, I got out of the the bathroom and saw her waiting for me in her bedroom while she was already fully naked. It was a very pleasant view. She has a killer body, no other words to describe it. She has a body that only such a young lady can have – tight and perfectly shaped.

I decided not waste too much time by staring at her outstanding figure and dove right into the “action zone”. We started to make out in order to help my little friend wake up, and from there she took control and gave me a very pleasant blow job. She does it so gently and pleasurable to the point where I just had to stop her after like 2 minutes because I felt like I’m going to cum too early. We changed positions to missionary and after that a few moments in doggy. Fucking her while holding and spanking her stunning ass felt just too good and there I lost it and filled the condom with my white liquid. I felt exhausted and laid my head on her ass for a few seconds while caressing her amazing body. I got myself together, took a quick shower and gave her a goodbye kiss and thank her for a great experience.

A quick summery:

Face: 7.5/10. She is young and kinda pretty, but in my opinion she wears too much make up which is something I don’t like.

Body: 9/10. Everything about her body is perfect. Amazing ass which I simply couldn’t stop touching. One of the hottest bodies I’ve seen lately. Bigger boobs would give her a higher score.

Sex: 8.5/10. She knows the job quite well. No Anal or other interesting stuff on her menu. Her great bj skills make up for that big time.

GFE: 7/10. Kisses are included, not sure about french kisses as I didn’t try that with her.

Would I repeat? Yes. I enjoyed my time with her. She has an amazing young and sexy body.

Enjoy the holidays guys!!!

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  1. I can’t seem to get through even though the phone is ringing. Does the person who pick up speak hebrew or english?

  2. Just paid her a visit and it was AMAZING!

    I was worried that she would be ugly due to her 7.5 rating on her face. Turned out I didn’t mind the make up and would personally give her face 8.5-9.0.

    Thank you for this English blog!! I wish good things happen to you Alex!