Meleni: A Hot Blonde from Ukraine

escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her ad. Photos are real/very close to reality.

What’s up guys?!

Long time no see!

How have you been??

I’m really sorry for my long absence. I simply decided to take a long break off of this hobby and focus on some other important stuff that have been happening in my life. I actually wasn’t going to post any time soon but a friend who has been keeping in contact with me was very persuasive and made me go see Meleni. He told me that he saw her 3 times already and swore to me that she is so hot and sexy. He promised that if I won’t enjoy with her, he will give me 50% of my money back. I was left with no other choice but to go and pay Meleni a visit. 🙂

A quick phone call to her receptionist and my meeting with the young Ukrainian (25yrs old) was booked. I came to her apartment in Ben yehuda street in Tel aviv exactly at the agreed time. She greeted me with a very lovely smile and a warm hug as if we already knew each other.

My friend was right-


Blonde, slim, beautiful face, relatively big boobs (enhanced). She is definitely a girl you would stare at if she were to walk by you on the street.

I was quite in a rush so I decided to take the shorter deal which includes 400nis for 40mins of fun (as opposed to 500 for 1 hour).

I took a quick shower and entered her room where she was already fully naked on her bed waiting just for me. We started to caress each other and kiss. Without waiting too much she grabbed my cock and started to make love to it with a very pleasant combination of hands and mouth which almost made me cum within like 5 minutes. I stopped her right before it happened. It’s true I was in a rush, but I still wanted to fully enjoy with this young hot lady.

I put a condom on and spread her legs wide open so I can make love to her in missionary position. A few minutes in that position and some more in doggy (which she seemed to really like) and my white liquid was finally set free. We took a quick shower together and after that I thanked her, gave a her a goodbye kiss and left her place with a smile on my face 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 8.5/10. Blue eyes, a shoulder length blond hair, nice lips. She is very very beautiful.

Body: 8/10. 164cm of pure sexiness.  Her ass is amazing and so is the rest of her body. She would get a higher score if her boobs were natural.

Sex: 7.5/10. Sex with her is quite standard, I didn’t really have too many demands so I can’t be a good judge here. She seemed to enjoy the action and was trying her best to make me enjoy.

GFE 6/10. I felt like I’m spending time with someone I already knew. No french kisses.

Would I see her again? Yes. It was a very good experience. Her smile and good attitude is something you don’t come across too often.


Nina: Incall Russian Escort with a Very Hot Body

This rain just won’t stop falling on us, will it? This kind of crazy weather raises my levels of horniness by ten times, which brings us this shorter than usual report about Nina. Why short? Because I wasn’t planning on doing this today and had to maneuver it with my other errands that I had in the area, so my meeting with her was shorter than usual.

So lets cut to the chase…Nina….

nina escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

Nina has a very hot body. It was the main thing that caught my eyes in the first place when I saw her advertisement, and it was the thing that made me leave everything that I was doing and book a meeting with her right away. (hour of fun=500nis, 40minutes=400nis).

She welcomed me with a friendly smile in her apartment in Bat Yam and offered a glass of water. Nina is very young (20-22), you can tell it by her behavior which was a little nervous at first. She became more open and relaxed as soon as she realized that I’m a good man of course :).

She handed me a clean towel and ordered me to take a quick shower before we start doing anything, and so I did. It’s always a good sign for me when a girl demands that the client will take a shower. After I finished showering, I got out of the the bathroom and saw her waiting for me in her bedroom while she was already fully naked. It was a very pleasant view. She has a killer body, no other words to describe it. She has a body that only such a young lady can have – tight and perfectly shaped.

I decided not waste too much time by staring at her outstanding figure and dove right into the “action zone”. We started to make out in order to help my little friend wake up, and from there she took control and gave me a very pleasant blow job. She does it so gently and pleasurable to the point where I just had to stop her after like 2 minutes because I felt like I’m going to cum too early. We changed positions to missionary and after that a few moments in doggy. Fucking her while holding and spanking her stunning ass felt just too good and there I lost it and filled the condom with my white liquid. I felt exhausted and laid my head on her ass for a few seconds while caressing her amazing body. I got myself together, took a quick shower and gave her a goodbye kiss and thank her for a great experience.

A quick summery:

Face: 7.5/10. She is young and kinda pretty, but in my opinion she wears too much make up which is something I don’t like.

Body: 9/10. Everything about her body is perfect. Amazing ass which I simply couldn’t stop touching. One of the hottest bodies I’ve seen lately. Bigger boobs would give her a higher score.

Sex: 8.5/10. She knows the job quite well. No Anal or other interesting stuff on her menu. Her great bj skills make up for that big time.

GFE: 7/10. Kisses are included, not sure about french kisses as I didn’t try that with her.

Would I repeat? Yes. I enjoyed my time with her. She has an amazing young and sexy body.

Enjoy the holidays guys!!!

Natalie: Young and Sexy Brunette from Russia

natalie escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her ad. The pictures are real.

What’s up guys? A new and fresh report is coming your way! Are you ready?

So the bad weather these last few days has made me super extra horny. A quick call to Natalie‘s receptionist and my encounter with Natalie was booked right away. (Hour of fun is 500NIS).
I arrived at Bat Yam and was quite pleased by what I saw. Natalie greeted me at the door and asked me in without thinking twice about it. I was given a quick hug and told to go to the shower. I did as she asked while thinking about this very young (20-22) and sexy brunette girl that I just met. What a looker she is!

After my shower we sat and talk for a little bit (her English isn’t the best). I noticed right away that Natalie is the shy type. Her long flowing brown hair and pretty face kept my attention as we continued to talk. The outfit she wore didn’t leave much to the imagination. It certainly got my juices flowing as we talked.

Natalie took off all her clothes and the view I had was very appealing. I couldn’t help but stare in total pleasure. Natalie isn’t the kind of girl that’s into anything too rough. She’s not going to let you knock on her back door. She is only into gentle sex. You need to know these things before getting in the sack with her.

Let’s talk about the action this brown haired beauty and I had. The first thing she did was caress my entire body. Natalie rubbed me down and it felt so good. I didn’t want to move the entire time. I also was able to catch glimpses of her naked body as she did so. I really enjoyed seeing her totally nude while rubbing me all over. Needless to say, I didn’t need to take a little pill to make my cock hard.

I’m always a sucker for great oral sex. Natalie has some awesome cock sucking skills and she’s not shy about it. I’m amazed by how quickly Natalie got over her shyness. There wasn’t a shy bone in her body as she was bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I was in total bliss and enjoying every second of it.

Natalie wasn’t done with me after her lips needed a break. This was when she offered up that amazing pussy of hers. I still can’t get the pleasant scent of her pussy out of my mind. I could tell she was really getting turned on while sucking my cock.

A whisper in my ear took me by surprise. Natalie whispered and told me to be gentle. She did so in such a sweet voice. How could I not treat her like the delicate flower she is? I was extremely gentle with her in every way possible. I made sure to not go too fast or too hard. We did it in a few different positions and it seemed like she was devoting 100% of herself to the cause.

I filled the condom up with semen after 15 minutes of an enjoyable sex and plopped down on the bed next to her. I was feeling quite tired afterwards. Much to my surprise, Natalie cuddled with me a little after I came. The afterglow was so beautiful and I enjoyed it quite a bit. These girls that like it slow and steady can actually be quite fun.

A quick summery:

Face: 8/10. She is very young and it is quite noticeable on her face. She has a very sexy and appealing appearance.

Body: 8/10. Great ass, soft and smooth skin. Bigger tits would get her a higher score.

Sex: 7/10. She doesn’t offer too many interesting options on her menu, that’s why I couldn’t give her a higher score. But her Bj skills are great and I did enjoy the sex without a doubt.

GFE: 8/10. I did feel like I was having sex with a real girlfriend. Kisses are included (not DFK, at least not with me).

Will I see her again? Yes. I’ll be making at least one more visit to Natalie in the not so distant future.


A New Flower in Town…Christina from Bat Yam


Click on the picture to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

Christina is brand new to Israel. She is around 22 years old Russian and these are her very first days in Bat-Yam city. Christina greeted me right away with a kiss when she opened the door. I looked her over and was visually pleased from the get go. I liked what I saw and knew some fun was about to happen (an hour of fun with her is 500nis).

I got out of the shower and was immediately greeted by Christina’s sexy figure. Simply put, this was perfection in every way possible. I couldn’t help but almost drool as I looked down at her unbelievable body. To say I was pleasantly surprised, is an understatement.

We laid in bed and I enjoyed her terrific body. Christina has medium sized boobs and cute little cherry like nipples. I sucked on those nipples while she touched my private area. Eventually, Christina started to grind her crotch against mine. I knew now was the time that things were going to start to get kinky. That was fine by me. I was more than ready to have this sexy Russian please me.

The blowjob she gave me was absolutely wonderful. At first, I tried to hold back. I couldn’t and I knew there was no hope for doing so. I totally lost it when Christina began licking my balls during the blowjob. I filled her mouth full of my cum and it was great. Christina smiled as if she was proud of her job. Well done Christina :).

After a few seconds of silence, she got closer to me and gave me a pleasurable massage. From there she started to play around with my penis. She asked if I was ready for another round. I was more than ready. How could I turn down more fun with a sexy blonde such as Christina? There was no way I could and she knew it.

We had sex in several different positions. It gave me plenty of opportunities to see Christina’s sexy body in many angles. I enjoyed each and every one of them.
My favorite position was missionary. I could look down at her pretty face while having sex. It also happens to be the position that we both had an orgasm in. The amazing thing is, we both had an orgasm at the same time. I can honestly say, this is one of the few times that I’ve experienced an orgasm the same time as the woman I’m having sex with. Christina held me tight as the orgasm shook her entire body. The spams in her pussy are what triggered me to cum. We were both totally lost in the moment and it was a cosmic orgasmic experience.

After a quick shower, I put on my clothes and we shared some small talk. I was quite surprised by how eager Christina was for me to visit again. She asked if I’d come back again. I promised her that I would.  🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 8/10. Bright eyes, blonde hair, nice smile. She’s very pretty.

Body: 8.5/10. A compact firm body which smells good. Nice soft medium size boobs and a sexy tight little ass. No doubt she takes care of her body very well.

Sex: 8.5/10. She did everything I asked her and actually it looked like she enjoyed the action just as much as I did. Amazing bj skills combined with balls licking.

GFE: 7/10. I didn’t try to french kiss her so I can’t tell if shes up for it or not but besides that I did feel like I’m spending some time with a girl that enjoys my company.

Would I see her again? “She asked if I’d come back again. I promised her that I would.” 🙂


Veronica: A Sweet Candy in Bat Yam (Very Big Naturals)


Click on the image to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

Whats up guys? I have something very sweet for you today.

Veronica is her name and I can easily spend 2 hours trying to convince you why you should visit her as soon as you can by writing about my sex experience with her. To be honest with you, in this case, it would be a total waste of time, both for me and for you. If you trust me, simply leave everything you are doing and book a meeting with her, right now. As simple as that. You don’t get to be with such a sweet candy too often here in Israel and pay only 500nis for the hour.

The sex with her isn’t wild by any stretch of the imagination and perhaps with some of you she will kiss only on the lips. But come on…who cares about such nonsense? Look at her pictures. They are 100% real. Do I really have to add anything else to make you believe that she’s something special?

Veronica is a very young girl, she claims to be 21 years old and I do believe it’s not that far from that, my guess is 23-24. She is beautiful. Very beautiful in my opinion. She has a classic beauty – Cute face, brunette, short (158), not fat at all and with very big natural boobs. She is one of those girls that makes you wonder and ask the obvious question – “how come you are working at this profession?”. I’m having really hard times understanding how come she hasn’t found a good husband for her yet. One that will take care of her for good. Maybe one of you will steal her heart? Who knows…
Anyway, this is her second visit here in Israel, she loves the Israeli weather and beaches, but if you ask me, this is going to be her last visit here, at least as an escort.

Just for the record, a quick summery about Veronica:
Face: 8/10. Very pretty face, shoulder length brown hair, cute lips and eyes. One of the most classiest escorts in Tel Aviv (/Bat Yam) I’ve been with.
Body: 8.5/10. Very silk and tanned skin, smells good, very big natural boobs which are very full and nice to touch. Nice ass as well. Sexy as hell.
Sex: 7.5/10. Not the best sex in the world but still she has some nice skills. Especially her blow job skills are among the best. No anal and other interesting stuff.
GFE: 7/10. No french kisses (she doesn’t like it), but you do feel like you are spending some quality time with a woman that enjoys your company just as much as you enjoy hers.
Would I seer her again? For sure.
Just go and spend an hour with her. I Promise you will not be disappointed. 

And Yet Another Sexy Playboy Model…Veronica

escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

It was a long and frustrating day in front of my computer and I needed some action in the worst way. I’ve had quite a bit of bad luck recently trying to find a good escort. I was just looking for a woman that looks halfway decent that likes to fuck. Luckily for my penis I found exactly the woman that I needed.

I read an advertisement online about a girl that was super hot. The kind of hot that I very rarely find. I placed an order, got into my car and made my way towards the capital city of escorts in Israel – Bat Yam.

I waited for what seemed about a minute before the door opened. What I saw blew my mind. There standing before me was a tall blonde girl from Moscow. She was wearing black lingerie and every single curve was on full display. This sexy lady invited me in and she blew my mind. All I had to do was look at her and the blood was flowing straight to my penis. I can say with all honesty this girl is natural Viagra! I felt extra lucky as I walked through her room.

Veronica is her name. I got so carried away that I forgot it.

It all started with a striptease. Veronica put on a show that I’ll never forget. I still can’t get over how nice her ass looked as she jiggled it. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly the strip club type. This was a private show and it did what it was supposed to do. It got my blood flowing even more and now I was fully ready for a blowjob.

She then went straight to sucking my cock. This was almost more than I could handle. I kept looking down at Veronica and her face was so much more pretty when her lips were wrapped around my cock. I couldn’t hold back and I came. It was very satisfying to cum inside Veronica’s mouth. That’s the difference between a good blowjob and a great one. It feels a million times better when you get to bust your nut in the mouth of a pretty girl.

I took a quick shower and was still feeling horny. I turned the cold water on full blast and that didn’t help. I got out of the shower and I knew then that I wanted more than a blowjob, but I also wanted to get sucked again. That wouldn’t be a problem as Veronica was more than willing to put her lips to good use. I’m glad because I don’t know if I would have been able to get it up a second time without it. I’m not exactly Superman in the sack and I need all the help I can get.

After Veronica got me aroused there was some heavy petting. I tried to slide a finger into her asshole. Veronica motioned to say that she doesn’t do anal. I didn’t really expect that she would but you can’t blame a man for trying, if you saw how nice Veronica’s ass is, you’d want to fuck it too. 🙂 It didn’t bother me all that much really. There was more than enough of her that I could enjoy. Even though Veronica’s asshole would have been the perfect place to bust a nut.

The sex was pretty intense. We were both so turned on and into it. I don’t know if Veronica is a great actress or what, but I really think she enjoyed me fucking her. She even dug her nails into my back a little. I was shocked by how worked up this girl got. At some point I wondered who was the escort and who was the client. It made me feel good though. I wouldn’t say it was a girlfriend experience, but pretty close to it. I came so hard the second time it took my breath away. I was left grasping for breath and trying to regain my composure.

A quick summery:

Face: 7.5/10. Long and blonde hair, bright and shiny eyes and some nice sexy lips. Maybe she isn’t the most pretty one, but she surely gets from me 10/10 for her sex appeal.

Body: 9/10. A perfect ass. Enough said. (small tits).

Sex: 9/10. Except anal, I believe she won’t say no to anything you ask her to do in bed. She also seems to enjoy the action more than the client which is very rare to find among the escorts in tel aviv.

Girlfriend Experience: 7/10. Pretty close to a girlfriend experience but no DFK.

Would I repeat? This girl surely knows how to make a penis smile. So my answer is YES 🙂



Nastya: Blonde Playboy Russian Girl from Bat Yam (Incall)

nastya escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her advertisement. Pictures are 100% real.

Hey guys! It’s been a while…I’m sorry I had to keep you waiting for so long for a new report from me. I’ve been with 2 working girls in Tel Aviv lately who are not worth being mentioned on my blog. My experience with them was really poor and I literally wasted 500nis with each. I prefer to tell you only about positive experiences so you will have good options to choose from and you won’t end up wasting your time and money like I did with these 2 girls.

I just got back from a much more positive experience with a very sexy young lady from Russia. Her name is Nastya, she’s 22-24 years old, 163-165 height and weighs something around 50kg. One hour of fun with her will cost you 500nis.

I’ve heard some very good stuff about her 3 weeks ago from a good friend of mine who said to me that I simply must see her. But it was 3 weeks ago, when she was new here. It’s more than enough time for a working girl (who’s here for some quick cash) to lose interest in this job which can lead to a negative impact on the quality of her service. Well, as soon as she opened the door of her small apartment in Bat Yam and I got to see her naughty and shiny smile (she has very nice teeth!) I immediately forgot about all my fears and I knew that I’m in for an hour of some crazy fun with this little sexy chick 🙂

We started off with some light and soft kissing (no DFK) and hugging. She didn’t initiate much and I realized that I have to take control since she is the type who likes to be led and dominated. So I asked her to spread her legs wide open so I could make her river start flowing. It didn’t take much to make her wet, horny and ready for the things to come. After 10 minutes of a very professional DATY by me, I grabbed her face gently and showed her the way to my horny wiener. She knew exactly how to take care of it and made me cum within a few moments. A little bit of a chit&chat (her english is o.k) and on we went to the second round as there was still plenty of time for more intense action. I asked her to suck my dick a little and make him ready for some drilling, she happily did so. The condom was put on and I fucked her in various positions while she was moaning like crazy. It was a little bit hard for me to cum for the second time so when I saw that there was only 5 minutes left on the clock, I told her to give me another magical blow job as I knew it would get the job done easily. So it did and I came in her mouth right on time. No doubt, she knows how to suck 🙂

To sum this report up:

Face: 8.5/10. She has got the look of a sexy playboy girl. Bright eyes, long and flowing blonde hair, nice teeth. Very pretty.

Body: 8/10. I liked her “guitar” type of figure, very nice and soft ass. Tits weren’t big enough for me but I could live with that. She also has some very sexy tattoos all over her body.

Sex: 9/10. Great sucking skills, you can cum in her mouth, you can fuck her in any position you like. Really enjoyed the action with her.

GFE: 8.5/10. I did feel like I was with a real girlfriend, she likes to joke and laugh, kiss and hug. If she were up for some DFK she would surely get a higher score.

Would I see her again? Yes! Yes! and Yes! She is a very good option, especially these days when there aren’t too many escorts in tel aviv that are worth the money.


Arina: Sexy Russian with Big Boobs (and a Dental Bridge)

independent escort tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad. Photos are real, in real life she looks even better in my opinion.

OK so unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to meet Anya due to heavy budget limitation. Spending 800nis+ hotel room is a bit too much for me at this period of my life when I have quite a few expenses that I have to make, but of course it is impossible to pass such a long period without visiting a beautiful young escort here in Tel Aviv, so I decided to go for a cheaper option, but in my eyes, the better one, in terms of value for money. So I decided to visit Arina.

Arina, who is welcoming her clients in a small apartment in Bat Yam (bordering Tel Aviv), is coming to us from Russia of course. Oddly, she speaks quite a few languages, including English and quite fluently, so the communication with her is perfect.
The highlight about her is her perfect body (173-176cm) and moreover, her relatively large boobs that she carries with her, which are natural, full and soft. It’s been a while since I saw such a perfect chest (she can maybe even compete with Meital in that regard, even though I like Meital’s more).

To be honest, the sex with Arina is a little limited in terms of options, and her young age (20-22) and lack of experience do not add to the situation . But for those of you who are simply looking for a young and very beautiful girl to fuck, Arina can certainly be a good solution for that. I paid 500nis for a full hour of joy in which I managed to cum twice without any hurry or pressure from her.
For people who are looking for an escort that provides the total girlfriend experience with French kissing, she may not be the perfect option for that. With me she was willing to kiss only on the lips, but that’s how it was with me, maybe with others it will be different, I dunno…


To sum this short report up:

Face: 8.5/10. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, dental bridge (which actually was quite a turn on for me), great lips. Very beautiful girl, not doubt.

Body: 10/10. Slim but not too skinny, very long and smooth legs, great ass, and one of the best set of natural boobs I’ve seen in a while. For the natural boobs lovers, she’s a great option.

Sex: 7/10. The sex with her is quite limited, there aren’t any interesting options on her menu. But she can please you. And fucking such a nice figure is always nice.

GFE (girlfriend experience): 5/10. No french kissing, was willing to kiss only on the lips. If GFE is the most important factor for you, don’t bother.

Would I repeat? I think I would. Having sex with such a sexy girl is worth the 500nis in my opinion.


Julia: Private GFE Escort in Bat Yam (Incall near Tel Aviv)

Julia escort

Just some random picture I found that somewhat reminds me of Julia. Her tits are a bit bigger than what you see here.

Julia is something different.  Totally different.

Julia (27yrs) is an Ukrainian girl who’s visiting Israel, for business purposes, of course. She’s welcoming her clients in a small apartment in Bat-Yam (bordering Tel Aviv). The whole communication part is being made with her directly, there is no middle man, so I’m still not really sure if she’s an independent escort or if there is someone behind the scene who brought her to work here. She claims that she’s independent, so I believe her. Actually it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that she gave me a full hour full of joy (400nis), one of the best girlfriend experiences that I  had this year with an escort.

She’s an elegant girl, not the best looking one in my opinion, but pretty enough, without a doubt. She has a shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, height is somewhere around 175cm -+, slim body, small breasts, and a great ass for a digging (she’s willing to do anal only if your dick isn’t too big).

I visited her today for the first time and when I left her apartment I felt a little bad for her. She’s just so shy, delicate and fragile. Don’t get me wrong, she is here to make money, but I fear for her, I fear that bad clients like those who made Jessica escape Israel will come to her as well and do her some harm. She’s too sensitive for these sort of things in my opinion.

I’m not going to get into too many details from my meeting with her because it really felt like I’m spending some quality time with a real girlfriend. You don’t fuck Julia, YOU MAKE LOVE TO HER. She’s not suitable for people who are looking for a pornstar experience, eventhough she does offer a few kinkier options (only for those who are aesthetic and smell good).  She can give you a good rim job, great balls licking and anal. But forget about these things, the best option on her menu for me was her french kissing skills, she totally devotes herself to the action and you simply can’t leave her lips and stop kissing her no matter what. Usually I’m not into kissing that much with working girls but with Julia it was really something special.

It will be hard to sum my experience with her the same way I do with all the others, because it really was a different experience, but I’ll try:

Face: 7/10. She isn’t the most beautiful girl I’ve seen, but if only pure beauty is what you want to find, then go and look somewhere else. She’s way beyond that.

Body: 8/10. Great body, slim, athletic, great ass, only thing that is lacking is some tits. But again, it’s nonsense in that case.

Sex: 8/10. Anal, rim job, cum in mouth, very gentle cock sucking. Almost everything is on her menu.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience): 10/10. For me this is the main parameter to consider. Simply one of the best in that regard. Amazing french kisses.

Would I repeat? Yes, and only because of the girlfriend experience part. I’ll not even come for the sex.

Now, for the communication part. She doesn’t have an advertisement or a website, the only way to reach her is by calling her. I don’t want her to ruin herself  by meeting too many clients, therefore I’m not going to publish her phone number here for everyone to see. If any of my readers here are truly interested in seeing her, you can send me an email by using the contact page and I’ll reply with her number. Please, before you ask me for her number, be sure to read carefully all the things that I’ve written about her on this review, and if you have more questions, ask me. She’s definitely not for everyone. You should treat her like you would treat your real girlfriend/wife. If you can’t do that, don’t bother contacting me about her. Please respect my request.




Kilye from Tel Aviv: Cum in Mouth, Rim Job and Anal

Kilye escort tel aviv

Click on the image to see her Ad. Photos are 100% real.

Firstly I have to apologize to you guys for not uploading new reports lately. The reason for my absence is  my decision to restrict myself a little bit with visiting escorts in Tel aviv as I’ve spent too much money in the last few weeks. This hobby is quite expensive for us ordinary people 🙂

But now I’m here writing to you about a new gem that I’ve found yesterday. Her name is Kylie, she’s around 25-27 years old, 164-167cm and is coming to us from Russia (speaks good english). She’s currently working in a very nice and clean apartment in Tel Aviv. Hour of fun with her costs 500nis (or 400 for 40 minutes).

Kylie’s beauty isn’t exactly to my taste, but I surely can’t say that she isn’t pretty. She is. And what’s more pretty about her is the very big set of titties that she has. Naturals of course. She has kinda average body overall, not thin and not fat.

The more interesting details about her are the things that she’s willing to do in bed. In one word: Everything! You can cum in her mouth or on her face, you can fuck her in the ass (+100nis), you can finger her, lick her pussy. French kisses are included as well as the amazing rim job that she can give you. I can’t think of a thing that she will say “no” to. Yes, she’s the ultimate combination of a girlfriend and a pornstar experience.

To sum this short review up:

Face: 7/10. I’ve seen better looking girls, but again, this is just a taste sort of thing. I’m sure that there are guys who will love the way her face looks.

Body: 8/10. Big natural tits. Smooth and tight skin, ass is also looking great. Not a small figure, not fat but not thin either. For those who like a body of a real woman, she is for you.

Sex: 10/10. She’s doing everything in bed. And it also seems that she likes what she does. No reason to give her anything below a perfect 10 for her sex abilities.

Will I repeat? Of course. A very sweet girl, great sex, PSE and GFE for the price of one. No reason for me to look for other escorts in tel aviv while she’s in the city.