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Veronika: Young all Natural Blonde Russian

Veronika escorts in tel aviv

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Another rainy day. My levels of horniness are again as high as they can get. Thanks god the winter is gonna end soon!
After a quick research over the web, I found Veronika’s ad. Even though I couldn’t find any review about her anywhere, something in her look, her pure innocent look, grabbed my attention and I knew that I am gonna see and have some fun with her tonight, no matter what!

Booking was made quite easily. I ordered a daily use hotel room in the center of Tel aviv for that special occasion. Surprisingly, Veronika (21-22 yrs old) showed up just in time and happily for me her pictures are indeed of hers with slight touches of editing. But not too much.

After a short conversation (her English is very poor) she went inside the bath room to wash herself a little and went out 5 minutes later, naked, with only a towel covering her assets.

It was a very cold evening so we started our time together with a few moments of cuddling while caressing each others body. Her body is very soft and smooth and she has some nice medium boobs (C cup I would say). After a few moments, she slowly began to work her way down to my already fully erect member. She put my cock very gently inside her mouth and began to give me a very pleasurable head.

I stopped her a second before I almost lost it. She then laid on her back and spread her legs wide open allowing me to penetrate her warm pussy. She is quite tight down there so it was very hard not to cum too fast. We switched positions to doggy and then to the cowgirl position where her waving big naturals in front of my eyes were just too much for me and there I lost it completely and filled the condom with all my white liquid.

We still had a few moments left before the hour was over but I didn’t feel like having another round that evening. I preferred to spend the remaining few minutes cuddling with her, and so we did until the end of the meeting.

A quick summery:
Face: 8.5/10. Her face was the main reason I ordered her in the first place when I saw her pictures. I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw in reality.

Body: 8/10. I liked her body a lot even though its not very tight. Nice soft natural boobs are always welcomed by me.

Sex: 7.5/10. She is trying her best but without any interesting options on her menu this is the highest score I can give her.

GFE: 9/10. I definitely felt like I was spending a very enjoyable time with my girlfriend. I cant promise that you will have the same experience as I had with her. I think that the bad weather helped  creating a nice atmosphere for us.

Would I repeat? Of course. I enjoyed every second and in my opinion she is one of the better options these days among the escorts in tel aviv.


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