Jessica: My Best Sex in Tel Aviv This Year

Jessica sex in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real.

Sex in Tel Aviv with Jessica.

OK so for my readers here who trust me enough and just can’t wait, if you’re looking for a really good sex in tel aviv, simply stop everything you’re doing and book a meeting with Jessica right now! Because the longer you wait the lesser your chances become of seeing her as in the next few days her schedule is going to get filled up faster than the speed of light. Yes, she’s that good! For those who wanna read about her first, be my guest:

Jessica is coming to us from one of the eastern Europe countries, but quite surprisingly, she speaks English as good as anyone. I was shocked at first but it’s true. She’s a native English speaker which is of course a very good thing for us. An hour of fun with her is 500nis.

She’s around 167-170cm tall, with an athletic body, great ass and small tits. Eyes are brown and so is her hair which is quite long, as you can see in her photos. She’s beautiful, no other way around it. And it’s only getting better and better.

Jessica sets up a new standard for paid Sex in Tel Aviv

If you remember, a while ago, I shared with you a review about another good sex in Tel Aviv with a girl named Christina who got from me the perfect score (10/10) for her sex qualities. Well, it appears that I have to set up a new scale, because Jessica was that much better than Christina.

She’s a professional, she knows how to handle a man, she made me cum twice. Easily! First cum is never an issue for me but the second one always is. With her it was just too easy, I’m telling you, if we would be talking less and doing more, I’m sure I could have even go for a third round. I will surely try that in my next visit with her.

Jessica is a real Nympho. She was enjoying the action just as much as I was, more even. She was wet the whole hour which is a thing that can’t be faked. She moans of joy and looks you straight in the eyes to let you know how good it feels when your dick is inside her drilling her pussy.

Her blow job gets a separate paragraph for me. She has a great technique and combination of hand job, balls licking and dick sucking, all at once, she can make you cum whenever she wants by the way she does her sucking (you can cum in her mouth). Just thinking of that makes me wanna go back to her and let her handle my dick for another few moments (or hours).

I can go on and on about Jessica, but I don’t have the whole day for that, and you’re simply wasting your time reading this, you should have already been on your way to seeing her.

Quick summery:

Face: 7.5/10. If it was only for her face, I wouldn’t bother. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but this is not why I’m going to see her at least 3-4 more times before she leaves.

Body: 8/10. Again, not the main factor for me, even though she has a very solid body, athletic one.

Sex: 11/10. Yes, she’s a PRO.  She’s going straight to my top 3 list as the leader. She’s the best sex in Tel Aviv in my opinion these days. Enough said.

Would I see her again? I think you already know the answer 🙂


Marina & Katya: An Unforgettable Threesome in Tel Aviv

Marina big boobs threesome in tel aviv

Click on the image to see their ad, photos are real.

I’ve been getting a few messages from you guys asking me “where to find a good threesome in Tel Aviv?”. My answer to all of you was always the same: “I have no clue”.

Well, as of today folks, this is no longer going to be my answer for that specific question, at least for the next few weeks. I’ve just got back from one of the best sex experiences I’ve had in a while in Tel Aviv with sexy Marina and her friend, Katya, who lives with her in her apartment.

Marina, who I’ve already posted a very positive review about, is a blonde russian with natural big boobs. I’ve actually met her 4 times already and wanted to do something different this time. So I asked her if her partner who works with her in the same apartment can join us for an hour of fun. She smiled and immediately went to bring Katya with her (an additional 400NIS). Katya entered the room and just going back now to that moment where the both of them were standing in front of me with their naughty smiles, knowing what’s going to come next, this “picture” gives me such a very hard boner.

Sexy Katya threesome in tel aviv

Click on the image to see their ad, photos are real.

I got so excited from the situation that my little friend down there didn’t want to wake up and function for a few minutes. I told Katya to help me with this problem and suck my cock gently. Well, it’s quite obvious that Katya’s father is a farmer, because she really knows how to raise a cock 🙂

While Katya’s giving me a very pleasant blowjob, Marina who is already familiar with what I like to do with her from our last meetings, simply handed to me her big boobs so I could feel them with my face and suck them like a little baby. This position right there simply felt just too good and I came after like 4 minutes like a 15 years old kid 🙂

We all went to take a quick shower and I knew that the second time would be harder for me but I also knew that they won’t let me leave before I show them my dose of sperm for the second time so it made me feel relaxed and ready for the second round 🙂

The second round started with a good team work by them, Marina sucking my cock while Katya is getting a good taste of my balls. My cock stood up right away and was ready to penetrate their holes. Condom was put on and I started to drill Katya’s pussy in the doggy style position while Marina is standing to my right giving me to suck her golden tits. After a few minutes in that position, Marina told me she wants to feel my cock inside her so they switched and Marina started to ride me in the cowgirl position. Katya who seemed to be quite horny, simply sat on my face and told me to eat her out while Marina is fucking me. Needless to say, I obeyed. This position was again just too much for me and after like 5-7 minutes I shot my second dose of sperm. “That’s it, I’m done for today” I told them. There was still time to try a third round but I knew it would be too difficult for me and I wanted to leave with a good taste.

Took a quick shower, gave them both a kiss and thanked them for this amazing experience. They will probably be staying in Tel Aviv for another 6-8 weeks so I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll order them both for a crazy threesome again at least one more time.




Camila – One of the Hottest Providers in Tel Aviv

Hi Guys!

On this Tel Aviv Escorts report I’m going to share with you my fresh experience


Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real.

(from today) with one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv I’ve ever had the chance of being with, the Ukrainian blonde with the blue eyes – Camila.

Her partner who answers the phone promised to me that her pictures are real but I was in great doubts since as you can see in her ad, the pictures look just too good to be true.

She is working in a small apartment in the center of Tel aviv. Hour of fun with her worth 500NIS.

Long story short, I decided to give this a shot and OMG how lucky I felt the moment I saw her in front of me! She has a very beautiful face (blue eyes), amazing body, just the way it looks on her pictures. I was thinking to myself “this can’t be true”. Oh and yes, for all of you non hebrew/russian speakers, she speaks very good English!

I told to myself, such a pretty girl, must be a lazy one in bed, like most of the beautiful women I got to know in the past. Again, I was totally wrong!

She gave me a very pleasant blow job (not the best but good enough for such a young girl), sex in various positions was good as well, she doesn’t get tired easily. I usually cum only once but with such a pretty lady that only wants to please, it’s impossible to cum only once, so I did twice and actually it wasn’t too hard like it’s always for me, again, all credit to her!

To sum this amazing experience up:

Face: 9.5/10. Blue eyes. Blonde. She is surely one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever been with.

Body: 8.5/10. Amazing body just like in her pictures. Tits are kinda small, that’s why I couldn’t give her more than 8.5. Great ass.

Sex: 8/10 She’s very young so you can’t except her to be an expert in bed, but she does everything she can to make you feel satisfied. Very good sex.

Would I repeat? No! And only because I’m afraid to get broke by her 🙂 But more seriously, I would repeat for as much as possible. She is one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv at the moment.

Hope you like this very special post, see you next time!


Mari – A Russian Blonde with Big Boobs in Bat Yam

Ok so sadly one of my favorite escorts in Tel Aviv, Kristina, has left the country yesterday. Did it stop me from having sex today? Not at all! 🙂

Click on the image to see her ad (100% real photos).


I heard about a cool woman who’s working in Bat Yam (a small town near Tel Aviv) so I dialed her partner’s phone number, she told me the details (500NIS for an hour of fun) and the meeting was set up right away.

An hour later I arrived to her small apartment in Bat Yam and to my surprise the photos on her advertisement were indeed real. To my assessment her age is around 32-34, quite short (1.55-160). And yes, her tits are natural and quite big.

Even though she is not very skinny (and not fat either), her body has a very nice feeling and she actually a very fun person. She really did her best to make me pleased, sucked my dick just the way I like with some balls touchings involved. Some wet kisses as well and I fucked her in various positions. It seemed like she is really enjoying the action. I actually cummed quite fast as she was really doing a great job with me. And I was very horny so it wasn’t too hard to make me cum to be honest :).

To some it up:

Face: 7/10. She isn’t young but still looks very good. Blonde.

Body: 8/10. I liked her body, boobs are quite big even though not as full as they were 10 years ago I believe.

Sex: 9/10. Great Blow job, great fucking, great kissing. Enjoying the action as well.

Would I repeat? Probably yes, even though I like younger women, she is not a bad option at all for a day like today when I’m super horny:)


My first report: Marina (very big boobs) From Tel Aviv

OK so this is my first report on this blog…hopefully I will go over all the important details for you guys to decide about the escort Marina, and if you have any questions of course you can leave me comments in the section below…

So lets cut to the chase…

Marina – Very very big boobs in Tel Aviv (and blonde)

I met Marina yesterday in her clean and lovely apartment in the center of tel aviv. The set up of the meeting was quite easy. You have to call her girlfriend/partner (or whoever she is) on this number: 0523044064 and tell her when you can come to visit Marina. She told me the price for one hour of fun is 400NIS (100USD-+) which is quite reasonable for such service so I went for it.

Click on the image to see her advertisment (photos are real)

The meeting

I came exactly at the agreed time and Marina opened the door for me with a tempting look which included a black bra and matching sexy little panties. Her big bra couldn’t really hide what was inside – amazing double D soft and natural breasts. One of the nicest set of titties I encountered so far in Tel Aviv (and believe me, I’ve seen quite a few:)).

We both went to take a shower, each one in his turn. She refused to take a shower with me without getting extra paid, which I obviously didn’t like, but whatever.

After we both got showered, we went to bed and started kissing. She has amazing skills of kissing, kissing mixed with some tongue which is always nice. From there I moved south to her boobs, and tasted them for like full 10 minutes. They felt so good I simply couldn’t stop. After a few moments of me getting joy of her gorgeous tits, she told me that she wants to taste my cock as well. Of course you can’t say no to that :). She gave me a very pleasant blow job mixed with some hand job and very good balls licking. I almost blew my load during her blowjob but told her to stop a second before I do. Asked her to put a condom on my little friend and fucked her in different position. Pussy felt really nice and tight and after a few minutes in the cow girl position I simply couldn’t hold it and got a very strong orgasm while my dick is inside her.

I still had left like 20 minutes but was pretty tired already and decided to just take a shower and tell her good bye. Surely if I was in a better shape I would stay for a second round 🙂

All in all, a very good experience with this sweet Ukrainian girl. To sum it up:

Face: 8/10 green eyes, blonde with a pony hair cut.

Body: 9/10:  163cm, slim, for the big natural tits lovers.

Sex: 9/10: she’s pretty flexible with a tight pussy and doesn’t get tired easily.

Overall: 9/10: Would surely repeat.

I hope you liked my first report and that it helped you decide about the cute sexy Marina. Treat her nice please!

Until my next review, enjoy Tel Aviv 🙂

Carolina from Bat Yam. A pretty lady with BIG Naturals.


Click on the picture to see her advertisement. Pictures are real though in reality I think her hair is a little darker.

Carolina (21) doesn’t speak English, at all.  This posed a small challenge when talking with her.  I say small because we were able to get over the hurdle quite quickly.  I know enough Russian that allowed us to do what I wanted to do. Let’s talk about how the evening went down.

I talked to the receptionist and she sent me to Ben Gurion street in Bat Yam.  I easily found Carolina’s apartment and was greeted by her at the door with a big smile on her face. I paid 500 NIS for an hour of fun and it was time to get to work. (Carolina doesn’t offer 400 NIS for 40 minutes like some other girls in Bat Yam do.)

Now let’s talk about what Carolina looks like.  First off, she’s got flowing dark hair.  Just looking at it will make you want to run your fingers through it.  Carolina is about 173cm tall and weighs I’d say about 65kg.  She’s not fat, but has curves in all the right places.  Carolina has some real nice big tits.  You’re going to want to put your face right in between those nice melons and stay there forever. I made love to her big natural tits. I couldn’t help myself.  We both laughed at it and it broke some of the tension that I was feeling.

Carolina is pretty straight forward about what she will and won’t do.  You’re not going to be able to cum in her mouth.  I know that can be quite a bummer for some guys.  Carolina also doesn’t do anal.  Both of those things I can live without.  I can completely understand the not cumming in her mouth.  The anal is probably more of a preference than anything else.  Don’t let either of these two things get in your way of a good time.  I still was able to have fun and have a great time.

Pink delicious nipples that beg to be sucked on.  That’s the only way I can describe Carolina’s nipples.  I started out by first kissing her deep red lipstick lips.  I then went on to suck on Carolina’s nipples.  I got an instant boner right away.  From there I slide my dick in and it was pure bliss.  I loved how warm and slippery her pussy was.  I knew right away that I wanted a different view.  That’s when I told Carolina to roll on over onto her belly.  I wanted to fuck her from behind.  Carolina did exactly as I asked her to. It was nothing short of a great view.  I loved looking down at Carolina’s ass as I was fucking her.  It had just enough jiggle in it.  I can’t tell you how many times I almost lost it just looking at it.  Sometimes I had to close my eyes and just collect my thoughts.  I still had some time to burn and I wasn’t ready to cum just yet, but Carolina’s sex appeal was just too much for me and I simply decided to let go and let all my white liquid go free. I was too tired for a second round so I asked Carolina if she can give me a massage for the remaining time and so she did. I took a quick shower and left her place right after I gave a her a big “good bye” kiss on the cheek.

A quick summery:

Face: 9/10. It’s very rare for me to give such a high score but she is indeed very pretty. One of the prettiest girls I’ve been with lately.

Body: 8/10. If you like big natural boobs, she’s the answer. Her skin is very pleasant and tight. She has a little belly as you can see in the pictures, but nothing too serious.

Sex: 8/10. The sex was quite standard, but very enjoyable. No CIM or anal or any other interesting option.

Would I repeat? Yes! Such a nice lady with very big natural boobs is not something you can find too often here in Tel Aviv / Bat Yam.