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Jessica: My Best Sex in Tel Aviv This Year

Jessica sex in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real.

Sex in Tel Aviv with Jessica.

OK so for my readers here who trust me enough and just can’t wait, if you’re looking for a really good sex in tel aviv, simply stop everything you’re doing and book a meeting with Jessica right now! Because the longer you wait the lesser your chances become of seeing her as in the next few days her schedule is going to get filled up faster than the speed of light. Yes, she’s that good! For those who wanna read about her first, be my guest:

Jessica is coming to us from one of the eastern Europe countries, but quite surprisingly, she speaks English as good as anyone. I was shocked at first but it’s true. She’s a native English speaker which is of course a very good thing for us. An hour of fun with her is 500nis.

She’s around 167-170cm tall, with an athletic body, great ass and small tits. Eyes are brown and so is her hair which is quite long, as you can see in her photos. She’s beautiful, no other way around it. And it’s only getting better and better.

Jessica sets up a new standard for paid Sex in Tel Aviv

If you remember, a while ago, I shared with you a review about another good sex in Tel Aviv with a girl named Christina who got from me the perfect score (10/10) for her sex qualities. Well, it appears that I have to set up a new scale, because Jessica was that much better than Christina.

She’s a professional, she knows how to handle a man, she made me cum twice. Easily! First cum is never an issue for me but the second one always is. With her it was just too easy, I’m telling you, if we would be talking less and doing more, I’m sure I could have even go for a third round. I will surely try that in my next visit with her.

Jessica is a real Nympho. She was enjoying the action just as much as I was, more even. She was wet the whole hour which is a thing that can’t be faked. She moans of joy and looks you straight in the eyes to let you know how good it feels when your dick is inside her drilling her pussy.

Her blow job gets a separate paragraph for me. She has a great technique and combination of hand job, balls licking and dick sucking, all at once, she can make you cum whenever she wants by the way she does her sucking (you can cum in her mouth). Just thinking of that makes me wanna go back to her and let her handle my dick for another few moments (or hours).

I can go on and on about Jessica, but I don’t have the whole day for that, and you’re simply wasting your time reading this, you should have already been on your way to seeing her.

Quick summery:

Face: 7.5/10. If it was only for her face, I wouldn’t bother. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but this is not why I’m going to see her at least 3-4 more times before she leaves.

Body: 8/10. Again, not the main factor for me, even though she has a very solid body, athletic one.

Sex: 11/10. Yes, she’s a PRO.  She’s going straight to my top 3 list as the leader. She’s the best sex in Tel Aviv in my opinion these days. Enough said.

Would I see her again? I think you already know the answer 🙂


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    • Terrible news I’m afraid. I wanted to book Jessica for today but apparently Jessica has left the country due to some very bad behavior from some of the clients who have visited her. Shame on you rude people!


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