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Mari – A Russian Blonde with Big Boobs in Bat Yam

Ok so sadly one of my favorite escorts in Tel Aviv, Kristina, has left the country yesterday. Did it stop me from having sex today? Not at all! 🙂

Click on the image to see her ad (100% real photos).


I heard about a cool woman who’s working in Bat Yam (a small town near Tel Aviv) so I dialed her partner’s phone number, she told me the details (500NIS for an hour of fun) and the meeting was set up right away.

An hour later I arrived to her small apartment in Bat Yam and to my surprise the photos on her advertisement were indeed real. To my assessment her age is around 32-34, quite short (1.55-160). And yes, her tits are natural and quite big.

Even though she is not very skinny (and not fat either), her body has a very nice feeling and she actually a very fun person. She really did her best to make me pleased, sucked my dick just the way I like with some balls touchings involved. Some wet kisses as well and I fucked her in various positions. It seemed like she is really enjoying the action. I actually cummed quite fast as she was really doing a great job with me. And I was very horny so it wasn’t too hard to make me cum to be honest :).

To some it up:

Face: 7/10. She isn’t young but still looks very good. Blonde.

Body: 8/10. I liked her body, boobs are quite big even though not as full as they were 10 years ago I believe.

Sex: 9/10. Great Blow job, great fucking, great kissing. Enjoying the action as well.

Would I repeat? Probably yes, even though I like younger women, she is not a bad option at all for a day like today when I’m super horny:)


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