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Camila – One of the Hottest Providers in Tel Aviv

Hi Guys!

On this Tel Aviv Escorts report I’m going to share with you my fresh experience


Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real.

(from today) with one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv I’ve ever had the chance of being with, the Ukrainian blonde with the blue eyes – Camila.

Her partner who answers the phone promised to me that her pictures are real but I was in great doubts since as you can see in her ad, the pictures look just too good to be true.

She is working in a small apartment in the center of Tel aviv. Hour of fun with her worth 500NIS.

Long story short, I decided to give this a shot and OMG how lucky I felt the moment I saw her in front of me! She has a very beautiful face (blue eyes), amazing body, just the way it looks on her pictures. I was thinking to myself “this can’t be true”. Oh and yes, for all of you non hebrew/russian speakers, she speaks very good English!

I told to myself, such a pretty girl, must be a lazy one in bed, like most of the beautiful women I got to know in the past. Again, I was totally wrong!

She gave me a very pleasant blow job (not the best but good enough for such a young girl), sex in various positions was good as well, she doesn’t get tired easily. I usually cum only once but with such a pretty lady that only wants to please, it’s impossible to cum only once, so I did twice and actually it wasn’t too hard like it’s always for me, again, all credit to her!

To sum this amazing experience up:

Face: 9.5/10. Blue eyes. Blonde. She is surely one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever been with.

Body: 8.5/10. Amazing body just like in her pictures. Tits are kinda small, that’s why I couldn’t give her more than 8.5. Great ass.

Sex: 8/10 She’s very young so you can’t except her to be an expert in bed, but she does everything she can to make you feel satisfied. Very good sex.

Would I repeat? No! And only because I’m afraid to get broke by her 🙂 But more seriously, I would repeat for as much as possible. She is one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv at the moment.

Hope you like this very special post, see you next time!


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    • Man I wanna thank you so much I just got back from her she is indeed a true stunner! Thanks Alex! will use this website a lot while I’m staying in israel

  1. Alex,

    Your reviews take me back to my “Glory Days” between 1998 and 2003, when I would enjoy the favors of the talent in Club 101, Aquarius, Banana, and the other hotspots in the Golden Triangle. Camila reminds me a lot of Vicky, one of my faves. Nice to know that although the club scene is history and prices have doubled, gems can still be found if you look hard enough. Very tempting.

    I gave up the hobby when I started dating the woman who would become my wife, but sometimes I miss the simplicity and lack of bullshit that made up the P4P scene back then.

    • Thanks for your comment Chuck. I’m glad I could make you feel a little bit nostalgic. It’s true that gems could be found much easier back then with little to no money. Sadly Camila who is indeed a true gem has already left the country. Hopefully I will find someone like her soon.
      Good luck with your wife Chuck 🙂