Camila – One of the Hottest Providers in Tel Aviv

Hi Guys!

On this Tel Aviv Escorts report I’m going to share with you my fresh experience


Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real.

(from today) with one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv I’ve ever had the chance of being with, the Ukrainian blonde with the blue eyes – Camila.

Her partner who answers the phone promised to me that her pictures are real but I was in great doubts since as you can see in her ad, the pictures look just too good to be true.

She is working in a small apartment in the center of Tel aviv. Hour of fun with her worth 500NIS.

Long story short, I decided to give this a shot and OMG how lucky I felt the moment I saw her in front of me! She has a very beautiful face (blue eyes), amazing body, just the way it looks on her pictures. I was thinking to myself “this can’t be true”. Oh and yes, for all of you non hebrew/russian speakers, she speaks very good English!

I told to myself, such a pretty girl, must be a lazy one in bed, like most of the beautiful women I got to know in the past. Again, I was totally wrong!

She gave me a very pleasant blow job (not the best but good enough for such a young girl), sex in various positions was good as well, she doesn’t get tired easily. I usually cum only once but with such a pretty lady that only wants to please, it’s impossible to cum only once, so I did twice and actually it wasn’t too hard like it’s always for me, again, all credit to her!

To sum this amazing experience up:

Face: 9.5/10. Blue eyes. Blonde. She is surely one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever been with.

Body: 8.5/10. Amazing body just like in her pictures. Tits are kinda small, that’s why I couldn’t give her more than 8.5. Great ass.

Sex: 8/10 She’s very young so you can’t except her to be an expert in bed, but she does everything she can to make you feel satisfied. Very good sex.

Would I repeat? No! And only because I’m afraid to get broke by her ūüôā But more seriously, I would repeat for as much as possible. She is one of the hottest providers in Tel Aviv at the moment.

Hope you like this very special post, see you next time!


Kristina – One of the best Escorts in Tel Aviv so far

Ok so on this Escorts in Tel Aviv report I’ll be sharing my experience with a girl that has already been in Israel once and probably liked the place so much that she¬†decided to come for a second time.¬†It was¬†my first time with her and this is how it went for me:

Abotu Kristina –¬†A blonde escort in tel aviv¬†


Click on the image to see her Ad. Photos are real with a small touch of photoshop.

Kristina is a blonde girl from Russia around 20-23 years old. At first I wasn’t sure¬†whether she¬†will be good for me¬†because I like big tits which she obviously lacks but the sex with her made me forget quite fast about the tits issue. The price I paid for an hour of fun with her was 700NIS+200NIS for anal.

One of the best Anal Escorts in Tel Aviv

I had to give this a seperate paragraph as she probably has the best ass I have ever felt and penetrated. She asks for an extra fee for anal (+200NIS) but it was so well worth it. I conentrated on fucking her in the ass for like 15 minutes at least and I felt like I’m in heaven. So soft, round and firm. One of the best. If you are an ass lover you simply can’t miss her out.

All in all – A very good experience

She is a sex machine. She screams during the sex very loudly so you should take this into consideration. A small negative thing I can say against her is that she doesn’t have the best blow job skills, but if you show her the right way she will do the job for you. So to sum this up:

Face: 7.5/10. She’s pretty.

Body: 8.5/10. This is the highest a girl without tits would get in my scale. Her ass is out of this world.

Sex: 9/10.¬†Better blow job skills would get her the¬†10/10, but 9/10 is also good ūüôā

Would I see her again? Hell yeah!

That’s it for the day, I hope it helped. See you in my next review post ūüôā

Escorts in Tel Aviv – here we go!

Welcome to my blog guys:)

This first post will be covering a few topics such as: who I am, what this blog is all about and what you should except from me in the future as a writer of the first israeli blog about the escorts in tel aviv.

So Who Am I?

First and foremost, my “stage name” for this blog¬†will be Alex. Why a “stage name”? Because nobody really wants to reveal¬†his real¬†identity in this field¬†of course, as you probably¬†already know¬†ūüôā

I’m in my early 40s originally from a small town in israel named “Hadera”, but for the past 15 years has been and still am living in tel aviv city, the center of Israel, where all the fun action is really hapenning.

I’m¬†a¬†normal dude, single,¬†working as a computer engineer in a very famous company here in tel aviv,¬†trying to live the life to its fullest and that of course brings¬†us to the next title…


The¬†women ūüôā

Yes, in case you have¬†already been in Israel in the past or you just arrived, you probably have already noticed that most of the women here have something very special¬†in common. They are simply too¬†HOT. I always get my neck almost¬†twisted after a short walk in the streets with all the pretty ladies throwing smiles at me (only because I’m a good looking dude;).

Paid Sex

It’s here, as it has been throughout the entire history. Israel and tel aviv in particular is no different in that regard. You can find in tel aviv hot women that will be ready to please you¬†in exchange for¬†some cash. Some of them (the ones that I prefer) are doing this from their own will without anybody forcing them to work as an escort.

And on the other hand some of course are dealing with a guy who is handling their schedule and all the other things around their profession. With those girls that work under a boss you can never tell whether they are working as escorts from their own will or not.

My contribution

I’m not here to change the world, whether escorts are good or bad, it’s not for me to decide.¬†I love women, as you probably do as well.¬†So my¬†little contribution to you will be given as reviews on any escort girl that I get to be with in tel aviv. This blog will be pretty straight forward, I’ll be¬†sharing here¬†all the vital¬†details about my each encounter with an escort: looks, price, services etc’. And of course from time to time I’ll be going over some¬†things that¬†I think would benfit you as a reader¬†of my blog and as a visitor in our beautiful country of Israel :).

I recently added a new page to my blog, called “My Top 3 Escorts in Tel Aviv“. This page gets updated by me every now and then with an up to date list of the 3 best working girls in the city at any given moment. Of course all the girls you will find on that list are ones I have been with and all the reviews there are first hand, written by me.

So that’s it for this time, feel free to leave comments below with anything that is on your mind.

P.S As you could notice, my english has some room for improvement and is kinda rusty, as the time goes hopefully my english will get better, you will have to forgive me until then. ūüôā