Marina & Katya: An Unforgettable Threesome in Tel Aviv

Marina big boobs threesome in tel aviv

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I’ve been getting a few messages from you guys asking me “where to find a good threesome in Tel Aviv?”. My answer to all of you was always the same: “I have no clue”.

Well, as of today folks, this is no longer going to be my answer for that specific question, at least for the next few weeks. I’ve just got back from one of the best sex experiences I’ve had in a while in Tel Aviv with sexy Marina and her friend, Katya, who lives with her in her apartment.

Marina, who I’ve already posted a very positive review about, is a blonde russian with natural big boobs. I’ve actually met her 4 times already and wanted to do something different this time. So I asked her if her partner who works with her in the same apartment can join us for an hour of fun. She smiled and immediately went to bring Katya with her (an additional 400NIS). Katya entered the room and just going back now to that moment where the both of them were standing in front of me with their naughty smiles, knowing what’s going to come next, this “picture” gives me such a very hard boner.

Sexy Katya threesome in tel aviv

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I got so excited from the situation that my little friend down there didn’t want to wake up and function for a few minutes. I told Katya to help me with this problem and suck my cock gently. Well, it’s quite obvious that Katya’s father is a farmer, because she really knows how to raise a cock 🙂

While Katya’s giving me a very pleasant blowjob, Marina who is already familiar with what I like to do with her from our last meetings, simply handed to me her big boobs so I could feel them with my face and suck them like a little baby. This position right there simply felt just too good and I came after like 4 minutes like a 15 years old kid 🙂

We all went to take a quick shower and I knew that the second time would be harder for me but I also knew that they won’t let me leave before I show them my dose of sperm for the second time so it made me feel relaxed and ready for the second round 🙂

The second round started with a good team work by them, Marina sucking my cock while Katya is getting a good taste of my balls. My cock stood up right away and was ready to penetrate their holes. Condom was put on and I started to drill Katya’s pussy in the doggy style position while Marina is standing to my right giving me to suck her golden tits. After a few minutes in that position, Marina told me she wants to feel my cock inside her so they switched and Marina started to ride me in the cowgirl position. Katya who seemed to be quite horny, simply sat on my face and told me to eat her out while Marina is fucking me. Needless to say, I obeyed. This position was again just too much for me and after like 5-7 minutes I shot my second dose of sperm. “That’s it, I’m done for today” I told them. There was still time to try a third round but I knew it would be too difficult for me and I wanted to leave with a good taste.

Took a quick shower, gave them both a kiss and thanked them for this amazing experience. They will probably be staying in Tel Aviv for another 6-8 weeks so I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll order them both for a crazy threesome again at least one more time.