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My first report: Marina (very big boobs) From Tel Aviv

OK so this is my first report on this blog…hopefully I will go over all the important details for you guys to decide about the escort Marina, and if you have any questions of course you can leave me comments in the section below…

So lets cut to the chase…

Marina – Very very big boobs in Tel Aviv (and blonde)

I met Marina yesterday in her clean and lovely apartment in the center of tel aviv. The set up of the meeting was quite easy. You have to call her girlfriend/partner (or whoever she is) on this number: 0523044064 and tell her when you can come to visit Marina. She told me the price for one hour of fun is 400NIS (100USD-+) which is quite reasonable for such service so I went for it.

Click on the image to see her advertisment (photos are real)

The meeting

I came exactly at the agreed time and Marina opened the door for me with a tempting look which included a black bra and matching sexy little panties. Her big bra couldn’t really hide what was inside – amazing double D soft and natural breasts. One of the nicest set of titties I encountered so far in Tel Aviv (and believe me, I’ve seen quite a few:)).

We both went to take a shower, each one in his turn. She refused to take a shower with me without getting extra paid, which I obviously didn’t like, but whatever.

After we both got showered, we went to bed and started kissing. She has amazing skills of kissing, kissing mixed with some tongue which is always nice. From there I moved south to her boobs, and tasted them for like full 10 minutes. They felt so good I simply couldn’t stop. After a few moments of me getting joy of her gorgeous tits, she told me that she wants to taste my cock as well. Of course you can’t say no to that :). She gave me a very pleasant blow job mixed with some hand job and very good balls licking. I almost blew my load during her blowjob but told her to stop a second before I do. Asked her to put a condom on my little friend and fucked her in different position. Pussy felt really nice and tight and after a few minutes in the cow girl position I simply couldn’t hold it and got a very strong orgasm while my dick is inside her.

I still had left like 20 minutes but was pretty tired already and decided to just take a shower and tell her good bye. Surely if I was in a better shape I would stay for a second round 🙂

All in all, a very good experience with this sweet Ukrainian girl. To sum it up:

Face: 8/10 green eyes, blonde with a pony hair cut.

Body: 9/10:  163cm, slim, for the big natural tits lovers.

Sex: 9/10: she’s pretty flexible with a tight pussy and doesn’t get tired easily.

Overall: 9/10: Would surely repeat.

I hope you liked my first report and that it helped you decide about the cute sexy Marina. Treat her nice please!

Until my next review, enjoy Tel Aviv 🙂

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  1. Sorry Blu I didn’t know that important detail…If you want I can help you setting up a meeting with her, just shoot me an email using my contact form and I will try my best to help