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Shayne: Expensive Escort, but a looker!


Click on the image to visit her website. Photos inside are not real, but very good doubles.

I’m just passing on a report from an acquaintance of mine. I have not met with Shayne so I cannot vouch for anything written. On the other hand, I have no reason to doubt this:

She told me she would be coming from the beach and would need a shower when she upon entering. She entered wearing street clothes but underneath them was this white bikini, this is the kind of girl you’ve seen a hundred times on the beach, getting a sun tan, laying on one of those lounge chairs, where you wished you were in a some porn movie, where you could just walk over to her and two minutes later be in bed in your hotel. She knew I was enjoying the view and let me look for a minute before excusing herself to the shower.

She walks out with the classic towel around her body, lets it drop and joins me in bed. I asked her a few questions and while we had some light conversation she had her long leg over mine and teased me a bit. It made for my part of the conversation rather difficult. I guess when she realized that I was really getting incoherent, she decided it was time. First she went for my neck while keeping her long legs wrapped around me. Playing with me she took her time before she brought her head down for the “main meal”.  I kept looking at her body, skin, smooth as silk.  She was there for about 10 minutes when she looked up at me, and it was clear what was next.

She layed down next to me and brought me over, from there we switched positions her on top, (god I love that view!), I turned her around, then to doggy (this all took about 30 min), which is where I finished up. As my breathing slowly slowed, she got up and brought me a towel, the conversation was surprisingly intellectual. I admit I didnt expect that. She’s clearly well educated and while we layed in bed the subjects changed to human needs and I felt I was talking to a well educated therapist (clearly this job has given her a few insights into the human condition). At any rate when the the time was up, I”m not sure what I enjoyed more, the sex or the conversation. She was a pleasant surprise and a nice change from the usual girls that try to run out minutes after I finish.

A few aspects: she is an Israeli, born her, well educated with good english. I would guess her age at around 28-29, she could easily be 25 but her education and experience adds a few years. Shes tall about 175-180 and slim but I cant guess the weight as I have no idea what it would be, tits are a nice size, that fits my hand and her body. And one more thing, she has good taste, her website is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen, very elegant.

I”ll be here for another few days and depending upon my schedule I would like to arrange another visit. Btw there are some limitation with her, whereas she does kiss, it has limited tongue, no anal, the BJ is covered and no oral on her, So we’re not talking about wild sex where anything goes. If I would summarize it, I would say shes definitely a looker with a 9/10, the sex is 7/10 due to her limitations, if your looking for a naked therapist, then she is definitely one to go for. (10/10)

And she wasnt cheap, 1,500nis for the hour, but given my experience with those who are cheaper, it  was worth it for me. (and I can afford it).


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  1. Nice blog as it gave me some additional info…..tough choices for the first time visitor to Israel: Andrea, Shayne, Yarden, Agam, Adel, Jasmine, evamedson….I emailed them all and in the end decided upon Shayne. The deciding factor in fact was her website. Its modern, its has a feeling of class, a bit “artistic” in its design. I hoped that it reflected the woman behind it.

    And it was good choice. Though she entered my hotel room in “street clothes (ok in my fantasy she enters wearing clothes that she would wear to a closed cocktail party in some art museum or to wedding…), I immediately relaxed and smiled. Shes definitely cute, even very cute, Tall, slim, beautiful smile. She immediately gave me the feeling that she wants to be there, wants to spend the hour with me. I’m not one for details, but lets just say that “she’s the real thing”.
    It was what I was looking for in a GFE.

    if your looking for a PSE (porn star experience) shes not a good fit, if your looking to finish 3x then again, you’ll be disappointed. She aims for the older visitor with good reason as our slower pace seems to fit her.

    thanks for the heads up on her. I’ll be back, Though I enjoyed her company I’m also curious about the others, so I can’t say for sure if I’ll invite her again, perhaps I”ll invite her as the ‘sure thing” and someone else for variety?


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