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Veronica: A Sweet Candy in Bat Yam (Very Big Naturals)


Click on the image to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real.

Whats up guys? I have something very sweet for you today.

Veronica is her name and I can easily spend 2 hours trying to convince you why you should visit her as soon as you can by writing about my sex experience with her. To be honest with you, in this case, it would be a total waste of time, both for me and for you. If you trust me, simply leave everything you are doing and book a meeting with her, right now. As simple as that. You don’t get to be with such a sweet candy too often here in Israel and pay only 500nis for the hour.

The sex with her isn’t wild by any stretch of the imagination and perhaps with some of you she will kiss only on the lips. But come on…who cares about such nonsense? Look at her pictures. They are 100% real. Do I really have to add anything else to make you believe that she’s something special?

Veronica is a very young girl, she claims to be 21 years old and I do believe it’s not that far from that, my guess is 23-24. She is beautiful. Very beautiful in my opinion. She has a classic beauty – Cute face, brunette, short (158), not fat at all and with very big natural boobs. She is one of those girls that makes you wonder and ask the obvious question – “how come you are working at this profession?”. I’m having really hard times understanding how come she hasn’t found a good husband for her yet. One that will take care of her for good. Maybe one of you will steal her heart? Who knows…
Anyway, this is her second visit here in Israel, she loves the Israeli weather and beaches, but if you ask me, this is going to be her last visit here, at least as an escort.

Just for the record, a quick summery about Veronica:
Face: 8/10. Very pretty face, shoulder length brown hair, cute lips and eyes. One of the most classiest escorts in Tel Aviv (/Bat Yam) I’ve been with.
Body: 8.5/10. Very silk and tanned skin, smells good, very big natural boobs which are very full and nice to touch. Nice ass as well. Sexy as hell.
Sex: 7.5/10. Not the best sex in the world but still she has some nice skills. Especially her blow job skills are among the best. No anal and other interesting stuff.
GFE: 7/10. No french kisses (she doesn’t like it), but you do feel like you are spending some quality time with a woman that enjoys your company just as much as you enjoy hers.
Would I seer her again? For sure.
Just go and spend an hour with her. I Promise you will not be disappointed. 

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  1. Alex i must say that you’re doing a job of a saint!!!
    For all the guys who reading your blog i must say that first i want to comment on alex here that helped me and support me all the way and i’ll explain…after i read all the reviews i was sure i want to meet with Lillit, but since she’s really hard and picky (still not giving up on her…) i drove alex crazy and he told me to try veronica.
    Finally after a week that i’m speaking with alex i went to her today and she’s really good pick, alex described her very well…she’s short, beauty, cute, big boobs,smart and young…she’s 24
    so when i got to her place she was very friendly, we talked for a few minutes and then she asked me to take a shower so i did.
    after i got out so we immedietly jump in to buisness, her blow job really good, she’s really trying to please and asked me what i want.
    when i asked about cim she agreed…maybe it’s chemistry issue.
    i the end i really enjoyed her and i’ll recomend her for those of you that thinking to meet her and not 100% sure