Andrea: Private Escort in Tel Aviv – Slim and Tall


Click on the image to visit her website. Photos inside are not real, but very good doubles.

Hey guys! I Just received this report from a loyal reader of my blog. I really enjoyed reading it so I thought I would share:

I emailed Andrea a few weeks before my arrival in Israel, and she was quick to reply. We made a tentative date upon my arrival as a “welcome to Israel” and what a welcome it was.

My first impression was based on her website, modern, attention to detail and well written,  my expectations from the website and our emails, were for an intelligent, pretty slim young lady that I can enjoy her company as well as her body-and so it was.

A light knock on the door (15 minutes late, but she did send me an email first to confirm her lateness), and this very pretty, lady walks in, slim, tall, just as her website promises. She had just come from shopping from the mall next door so she had a few bags. She did promise a GFE, so this was a good natural start 🙂

She took a quick shower and walks out with the bathrobe on, lies down on the bed next to me an lets her long leg slip out from the robe and cross over to mine. Her hands on my chest already  she is getting a reaction from my member.

She’s giving me some lite kissing while her hand caresses me. She is clearly not in a hurry….That is important to me, no rush. I open her robe and simply look first, admire perhaps is a better  word, her body is that of a goddess, no fat, just slim, and long.

She takes the lead here in our encounter of which I enjoy and removes her robe. She is now simply standing before me and then approaches me  and  soon her head goes down on my standing member, She looks up every so often to make sure that I’m enjoying myself of which I clearly am  :).

After a few minutes she stops, looks at me and says “come here” with a little smile. She lies on her back and spreads her legs.

Again the view, is simply one that so I enjoy:  a young woman with a model-like body, lying on the bed, with her legs spread wide, asking me to enter her…well that didn’t take long and I was on top of her.

after a few minutes of that, (I actually like to pump her while looking at her), I could see that she was actually wet. She told me to take a break as I was working hard, and she turned around and went on her knees so I‘m looking straight at her sweet spot,  that has this wetness around it…ok that really gets me hard, and I plunge in again, this time doggy. after a few minutes, she slows down, looks at me, smiles and says “I did good”. Well that is nothing like giving a girl an orgasm to get me even still harder  :).

she turns around puts me on my back, and starts giving me a hand job (I had mentioned to her earlier that I won’t be able to cum with the condom). She sits on me, with those beautiful tits right in my face and her smiling at me…and then she starts asking me about my job, etc. I believe she was doing that to slightly distract me, so that the hand job lasted longer, so that I enjoyed myself longer.

Eventually I did finish  :), and then she claps her hands as she too is “satisfied.” She gets off of me, enters the bathroom, tosses me a small towel and says she’ll be right out.

And after her quick shower, she was back on the bed, talking to me. Though I wasn’t going to go for a second round, I still enjoyed the view and her fingers on my chest as we talked….

Face: 9/10. Very very cute, the kind of girl that turns your head on the street.

Body: 8/10. If you like slim and tall, she’s the one: Her skin is very pleasant and tight.  and no fat to be found anywhere.

Sex: 8/10. The experience was GFE both in body and intellectually, and very enjoyable. No CIM or anal. 

Would I repeat? Yes! and will when I return to Israel in two months.

Yarden: Independent Escort in Tel Aviv with DD boobs

Yarden: Independent Escort in Tel Aviv

Click on the picture to see her website. Picture is not real, but the body and tits are good doubles of what she has

Playing with Yarden.

Shes been my fantasy girl since I was 16, since I started to sneak Playboys into my room. Smart, Hot with body that is just perfect for me: 160cm Natural DD’s 50 kg, and she wear the kind of clothes that turn me on: 5 inch heels, short skirt, stockings….

She walks in wearing a long skirt (she already put on her 5” heels) approaches me, a light kiss and she lets the long dress slip off her: Once again my mouth falls open, and I stare.

I’ve seen Yarden many times over the years, so we have a kind of “pseudo relationship” that one has with  a regular. We have nice conversations and to her credit, I still know little about her. I know shes educated, speaks multiple languages, has traveled the world, within this profession and without. Still, she always manages to steer the conversation back to me, so I end of talking about myself, my family, my work. For all I know she is a therapist in her “other life.” And though I enjoy talking to her, that was not the reason I invited her and shes knows that as well…

She straightens herself out in front of the mirror: short brown skirt, fish net stockings, white t-shirt with no bra. I can’t believe that in less than a few minutes I’m going to have my hands all over that. She turns around to check out how “back” looks and I’m all ready hard staring at her. I sit down at the desk. It happens every time with her, I get weak in the legs. I simply can’t believe it, she’s mine for the next hour, and I can put my hands wherever  I want to. This is the kind of girl you see her walking down the street in such a get up and you literally can’t help but stare…or your in a female clothing store with family and there is that girl changing outfits and you just want to slip in to the stall with her…ok, I digress, back to the real thing:
… this time it was the desk where we started. Now Yarden has Natural DD’s so while I sat at the desk and stared, I had her walk over to me and sit on my lap. There I had those DD’s (with no bra) peaking out from her shirt where I stared.  At the same time I had my other hand between her legs. Did I mention she was wearing a short skirt with stockings and 5 inch heels?  After a few minutes of having my face between her DD’s She decides that its time for to get down on her knees. and so she does and she starts to work. I pull up her skirt so I can see more.  Shes good at this, changing between her tits and mouth on my member. After about 15 minutes she looks up at me and with her eyes asks if Im ready. I say yes and she brings out a condom. places it and then asks in a very sweet voice: how would you like it? well I take advantage of the desk and she bends over. I take a step back. I can see her DD’s hanging down in the mirror while i look at the pear shaped behind, knowing that i’m going to be inside in a few seconds.. What a view, a perfect 10. Those 5 inch heels put her in the perfect position for me. she straightens up and those tits in the mirror are just perfect !! After a few minutes of that I tell her its time to sit on me and as I sit on the chair I have her face me and up and down she goes, her DD’s bursting out of her shirt. I could tell that she was getting a bit tired so I brought her over to the bed…

As an independent escort in Tel Aviv she’s surely one of the most expensive ones nowadays….but her attitude, intelligence, english, body make her the ideal girl for me.

A quick update (14/07/2016): Seems like Yarden also liked the clients that have come to her after reading this post. She has just contacted me and asked to let all my visitors know that you can have a 5% discount off of any option she is offering on her “Menu” (one hour, overnight, international travel, a threesome with her friend etc’). All you have to do is to mention my blog to her so she will know that you are eligible for that discount.


Shayne: Expensive Escort, but a looker!


Click on the image to visit her website. Photos inside are not real, but very good doubles.

I’m just passing on a report from an acquaintance of mine. I have not met with Shayne so I cannot vouch for anything written. On the other hand, I have no reason to doubt this:

She told me she would be coming from the beach and would need a shower when she upon entering. She entered wearing street clothes but underneath them was this white bikini, this is the kind of girl you’ve seen a hundred times on the beach, getting a sun tan, laying on one of those lounge chairs, where you wished you were in a some porn movie, where you could just walk over to her and two minutes later be in bed in your hotel. She knew I was enjoying the view and let me look for a minute before excusing herself to the shower.

She walks out with the classic towel around her body, lets it drop and joins me in bed. I asked her a few questions and while we had some light conversation she had her long leg over mine and teased me a bit. It made for my part of the conversation rather difficult. I guess when she realized that I was really getting incoherent, she decided it was time. First she went for my neck while keeping her long legs wrapped around me. Playing with me she took her time before she brought her head down for the “main meal”.  I kept looking at her body, skin, smooth as silk.  She was there for about 10 minutes when she looked up at me, and it was clear what was next.

She layed down next to me and brought me over, from there we switched positions her on top, (god I love that view!), I turned her around, then to doggy (this all took about 30 min), which is where I finished up. As my breathing slowly slowed, she got up and brought me a towel, the conversation was surprisingly intellectual. I admit I didnt expect that. She’s clearly well educated and while we layed in bed the subjects changed to human needs and I felt I was talking to a well educated therapist (clearly this job has given her a few insights into the human condition). At any rate when the the time was up, I”m not sure what I enjoyed more, the sex or the conversation. She was a pleasant surprise and a nice change from the usual girls that try to run out minutes after I finish.

A few aspects: she is an Israeli, born her, well educated with good english. I would guess her age at around 28-29, she could easily be 25 but her education and experience adds a few years. Shes tall about 175-180 and slim but I cant guess the weight as I have no idea what it would be, tits are a nice size, that fits my hand and her body. And one more thing, she has good taste, her website is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen, very elegant.

I”ll be here for another few days and depending upon my schedule I would like to arrange another visit. Btw there are some limitation with her, whereas she does kiss, it has limited tongue, no anal, the BJ is covered and no oral on her, So we’re not talking about wild sex where anything goes. If I would summarize it, I would say shes definitely a looker with a 9/10, the sex is 7/10 due to her limitations, if your looking for a naked therapist, then she is definitely one to go for. (10/10)

And she wasnt cheap, 1,500nis for the hour, but given my experience with those who are cheaper, it  was worth it for me. (and I can afford it).