Ksenia: Tall Russian Escort with Big Natural Boobs

ksenia escorts in tel aviv

Pictures are real though with 10% touches of Photoshop.

My favorite season of the year (spring) is almost here and I think its a good way to finish off the winter with a positive review for you my loyal readers.

This time I’m gonna tell you about a sweet piece of candy named Ksenia from Russia. I will start off by saying that I did something that I‘ve never done before. I paid 1000nis for one hour with her. I never ever ever pay more than 700nis for a girl from the agencies. But, this time I just had no other choice since her pictures made my dick so hard. You can’t really argue with your dick, you know… 😉

The meeting was booked quite easily and within a few hours she was already in my daily use room that I ordered just for the occasion. She entered with a big smile and a very positive attitude. I knew that I was gonna enjoy my time with her for sure. I could tell just by feeling her good energy. Its very important to me.

Her look is very unique. She has very big natural boobs (D-F cup) and she is also very tall. I would say around 1.75-1.8m. I can’t remember when was the last time I had been with such a tall natural busty girl. Probably never.

The pictures on her ad describes her physic quite well. Maybe there is some Photoshop touching up, but not too much.

To my surprise, she was horny as hell. She was the one who initiated everything. She started to kiss me and undress me right away. Before I even said a word, my cock was already inside her wet mouth. At first it looked to me as if she was trying to rush things and finish our meeting quickly. I told her to relax, otherwise I will cum too soon. But she told me not to worry and that we have enough time for more rounds. I liked her answer and it made me feel more comfortable.

ksenia escorts in tel aviv

Even though it looks like silicone, her boobs are 100% natural. You have to feel them to believe.

From that point, the sex was very good and I really enjoyed everything she had done to me. She likes to dominate and dictate the rhythm in every position. I tried to maneuver her to a missionary position, but she grabbed me, and showed me that she wanted to ride my dick. After a few seconds of her riding me, I understood why she wanted this position so bad. She came time after time and my whole stomach was covered with her pussy juice. It made me very horny and within a few moments I simply couldn’t hold it anymore and sprayed all my cum inside the condom while she was still riding me.

We took a quick shower and went on to the second round. She tried to wake up my dick by sucking it, and indeed within a few seconds, it was hard and ready again. She told me to take control this time and fuck her the way I wanted to.

I fucked her in the missionary position, and then a few moments in doggy, and my second dosage of cum was delivered right on time. A few seconds after that her phone rang which meant that the time was up. Ksenia took a second quick shower and said that she really enjoyed the sex with me. I told her the same 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 8/10. She’s pretty in my opinion and has a lovely smile.

Body: 8.5/10. She has a rare body. Not thin, but not fat either. Very tall, with big natural boobs which are the highlight of her body. Ass is solid but I didn’t really focus on that.

Sex: 9/10. Really enjoyed the sex with her. She takes all the initiative, moans very loudly before she cums and you do feel like she’s enjoying the sex more than you.

GFE: 8/10. Didn’t try to french kiss her but we did kiss on the lips. The energy with her was very positive and I did feel like I’m spending time with someone I already knew.

Would I repeat? Yes! Yes! Yes! I really enjoyed with her but unfortunately for me it will be the first and the last time I meet with her because of her very high pricing.

How to reach Ksenia?
I’m less interested in supporting the exaggerated rise in prices among the escort agencies in Tel aviv, therefore, I decided not to publish her advertisement here on my blog.
But, if you still feel that you really really wanna know how to reach Ksenia, you can send me a short email and I’ll explain to you how to do that.



Veronika: Young all Natural Blonde Russian

Veronika escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her ad. Photos are real.

Another rainy day. My levels of horniness are again as high as they can get. Thanks god the winter is gonna end soon!
After a quick research over the web, I found Veronika’s ad. Even though I couldn’t find any review about her anywhere, something in her look, her pure innocent look, grabbed my attention and I knew that I am gonna see and have some fun with her tonight, no matter what!

Booking was made quite easily. I ordered a daily use hotel room in the center of Tel aviv for that special occasion. Surprisingly, Veronika (21-22 yrs old) showed up just in time and happily for me her pictures are indeed of hers with slight touches of editing. But not too much.

After a short conversation (her English is very poor) she went inside the bath room to wash herself a little and went out 5 minutes later, naked, with only a towel covering her assets.

It was a very cold evening so we started our time together with a few moments of cuddling while caressing each others body. Her body is very soft and smooth and she has some nice medium boobs (C cup I would say). After a few moments, she slowly began to work her way down to my already fully erect member. She put my cock very gently inside her mouth and began to give me a very pleasurable head.

I stopped her a second before I almost lost it. She then laid on her back and spread her legs wide open allowing me to penetrate her warm pussy. She is quite tight down there so it was very hard not to cum too fast. We switched positions to doggy and then to the cowgirl position where her waving big naturals in front of my eyes were just too much for me and there I lost it completely and filled the condom with all my white liquid.

We still had a few moments left before the hour was over but I didn’t feel like having another round that evening. I preferred to spend the remaining few minutes cuddling with her, and so we did until the end of the meeting.

A quick summery:
Face: 8.5/10. Her face was the main reason I ordered her in the first place when I saw her pictures. I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw in reality.

Body: 8/10. I liked her body a lot even though its not very tight. Nice soft natural boobs are always welcomed by me.

Sex: 7.5/10. She is trying her best but without any interesting options on her menu this is the highest score I can give her.

GFE: 9/10. I definitely felt like I was spending a very enjoyable time with my girlfriend. I cant promise that you will have the same experience as I had with her. I think that the bad weather helped  creating a nice atmosphere for us.

Would I repeat? Of course. I enjoyed every second and in my opinion she is one of the better options these days among the escorts in tel aviv.


Aleksa from “Tel Aviv Models” (Guest Post)

escorts in tel aviv

“Not sure if pictures are real”. Click on the image to see her ad.

Heyyyy guys, what’s up? I have some good news for you and some bad ones. Lets start off with the latter- unfortunately, one of the best escorts in Tel Aviv that I’ve been with in the last few months, Veronica, has already left Israel. That’s very disappointing because she was really something special, you don’t get to be with such a high quality woman and pay only 500nis for the hour. I reeaallllyy really hope she will be back soon.

Now for the good news- I have a very special report for you this time. The report that you are about to read, wasn’t written by me. I’ve received this full and detailed report about Aleksa from a guy who is a big fan of my blog. He has been reading all of my posts almost since day one and was using many of my recommendations. We have been chatting quite a lot throughout the last few months and I had the privilege of helping him out a few times during his visits here. This time, he decided to return the favor and share with me (and you) one of his sex experiences from his last trip to Israel. So without further ado, here is a “copy-paste” of the email that I received from him today:

“Here is my report as promised. Please feel free to modify as you see it. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for all your help! Next time I will try two or three girls 🙂
This is the girl I picked

http://www.0542227333.com/325/gall.php  It is hard to say from the picture, when compared to the girl if they are exactly the same or not. Face is blurred in the picture, so hard to compare that. Hair is different, boobs seem to match. But, nevertheless, she was very hot, pretty and above all great attitude. She also confessed that her English wasn’t that great and asked me if I knew any Russian, for which I said no. So this is going to be a fun one hour, I realized.

She arrived on time to central Tel Aviv area, as promised. She lives in Bat Yam as I came to know during our conversation. She was wearing all black. Black top, black pants, black bra and black panties even. After some quick introductions and we couldn’t resist and started kissing each other. Seems like she was chewing gum before and I had freshened up myself so our lips were locked in a fresh mint embrace in what seemed to be 30 or more seconds. We parted from the embrace and she gestured for the money, so got that out of the way quickly. This is when fun started. She started to peel of her clothing one step a time and at the same time also was removing my clothing. I reached out and unhooked her bra and let that fall to the ground. Out came a pair of soft, not so big, but perfectly sized tits. I promptly took them into my mouth and each of them was quite a mouthful. I sucked, twirled my tongue on them and played with them while she started unbuttoning my pants and reached for my little brother, who by this time was pretty hard. I stepped aside my pants and so did she. I was in my underwear and so was she.

She gestured me to take a shower and I told her I already did. She mentioned she had showered too at her place. So, both of us went to the bath tub and she gave my little brother a thorough wash and she washed her pussy too. She stepped out of the tub, wrapped herself in a white towel and led me to the bed. Here she dropped her towel and kneeled on the bed. I got a nice view of her pussy and saw that it was clean shaven and pink. I parted the lips and saw it was juicy and pinky. While I was enjoying the view, she suddenly took my little brother in her mouth and started sucking on it thoroughly. She went smooth sucking from top to bottom. There was a large mirror on the wall, right opposite the bed and we were both enjoying the view. I was kneeling on the bed and she was sucking on my dick kneeling and leaning forward. After that I slowly moved to the back of the bed and sat down with my dick pointing up. She moved slowly to my dick and started deep throating me. I offered her my balls which she started sucking on. She alternated between my dick and balls and I was rock hard by this time. I wasn’t sure if I could hold back for long. So I asked her slow down a bit, which she did. However, the sucking was awesome, I thought I will enjoy fully, that I asked her to speed up and within a minute, I came in her mouth. She took some cum in her mouth and the rest she eased it into her hands. I felt relieved. I walked into the bathroom and she cleaned up my dick of all the cum.

We came back to the bed and started talking to each other while I was playing with her tits, pussy, mouth, ears and hair. We used google translate to ask questions, know more about each other. topics of discussion stayed pretty high level. She asked if I had any drinks available. We saw in the hotel room mini bar there were a lot of choices, so she picked Jack Daniels whisky and coke. I mixed it for her and she started enjoying the drink. She offered me to take as well, but I politely declined since I had to get up early the next day and I couldn’t handle whisky that well.

A few sips later, she started dancing and “complained” there is no music. She seemed to be enjoying and playful all the time. A few minutes later were kissing each other and I kissed her neck, ears. Took her boobs into my mouth and played along for a long time. I kissed her tummy and waist at which point, my dick came close to her mouth, so she reached forward and she took my dick into her mouth again and started deep throating my dick. She did equal justice to my balls too and while I was doing this I was playing with her pussy. This is when her phone rang, she apologized and answered it. A quick 30 second conversation and she hung up. She told me gently that it was a 5 minute reminder. And she went back to sucking my dick. At this point I didn’t want to let go of her without fucking her. And by this time I was rock hard too. So I asked her to put on the condom. And she did something pleasantly surprising. She took the condom in her mouth and then rolled it down my dick using her mouth. So the condom was on my dick and her mouth was over it. This was the first time I had seen anyone doing this and it was thrilling. She offered herself to me in doggie. So I took her from the back and we went on like that for 2-3 minutes. While I was fucking her doggie, she fucked me back in a rhythmic way, so when I pulled back, she pulled back too and when I thrust forward, she thrust towards me too, so we both felt each other deep. Within no time I exploded and went on for some more time until I was exhausted. We both cleaned up. She finished the drink dressed up and was on her way, after a nice long kiss.

Overall it was a great experience. This is the first time I was being with a Russian girl and Aleksa was great.”


Julia: Russian Escort with Big Boobs from “Tel Aviv Models”

escorts in tel aviv

Click on the picture to see her advertisement. Photos are real.

Hi fellas. On this episode of “Escorts in Tel Aviv” I’m going to share my experience from yesterday evening with Julia, a new Russian escort in Tel Aviv who’s working for the well known escort agency “Tel Aviv Models”.

I have to admit, her pictures on the website of the agency really impressed me. She seemed to have exactly the kind of look that turns me on, so without any hesitation I decided to call and book her for one hour of fun with me (750nis).

She arrived to my place just at the agreed time, which is always nice, and to my surprise, she actually looked quite similar to the pictures that I saw on the website. She went in the bathroom to take a shower and got out 5 minutes later with a small towel around her. She tried to initiate some action immediately without exchanging too many words with me which kind of ruined it for me. I usually like to get to know the girl before we start to do anything. But I didn’t say anything to her about it.

She is very beautiful and attractive, it’s undeniable. I would go even further and say that she has a classic beauty, not something that you get to see very often and she also has an amazing body: thin, long legs and C cup natural tits. Exactly the way I like it. But from some reason, we didn’t have that chemistry which could have left me with a much better feeling off of this meeting with her.

The sex was good, though quite limited without any interesting options like CIM or anal, and no GFE. We fucked in various positions and she didn’t complain at all. She also has great sucking skills, but without being able to cum in her mouth it was pointless.

After the sex, while she was dressing and waiting for her driver to arrive, we had a few moments to talk (she speaks decent english), she told me that she has so many clients here in Tel Aviv, which kind of gave me a very good hint as to why she didn’t really seem to be 100% into it with me. Apparently the overload of clients has affected her on that day.

To sum this up:

Face: 8.5/10. She’s very beautiful. Maybe a little older than what the pictures show, but still I would definitely stare at her if she were to walk by me in the street.

Body: 9/10. Amazing body, one of the best I’ve seen lately. For those who like thin girls with long legs and big/medium natural tits like me, she’s a great option.

Sex: 7.5/10. Nothing special about the sex, very standard with no interesting options on her menu. I can’t say the sex was bad, but I can’t say it was too good either. Great sucking skills though.

Would I repeat? I don’t think so. She has a very high potential to become one of the best escorts in Tel Aviv because she really looks amazing. But for me it seemed like she had enough and the overload of clients took its toll on her. But maybe I’m the one to blame and other guys will enjoy more than me. In the end of the day it’s all about the chemistry.

This is probably going to be my last report for this year of 2015, so I want to use this opportunity and wish to all of you guys who read my blog:

Happy New Year!!! to you, and your families. I  hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come!

Belle: Sex in Tel Aviv with an FTV Model / Escort

Belle is here again! Hell Yeah!

anya escort in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad. Pictures are 100% real. In real life she looks even better.

I met Belle for the first time half a year ago, before I even opened my “escorts in tel aviv” blog. So my report this time will not be as fresh/new as my last reports, but I remember her quite well so I think that you better keep on reading the things that I have to say about her 🙂

Belle (174cm-+, 54kg-+, 24yrs-+), is simply one of the most beautiful girls that I’ve seen in my life, let alone, one of the hottest that I got the privilege to fuck. Her pictures, which are quite solid, don’t do her justice from my point of view. She’s way hotter and way prettier. Everything about her beauty is perfect. I can’t believe that any straight male that gets to see her in real time will deny that fact.

Another fact about Belle – She’s a pro. But there is a downside to that. For all the GFE seekers, you better stop reading right here, because she’s simply not for you. No kissing whatsoever. Sadly.

But she’s a pro, and there is also a good side to that. She knows the job very very well. She can make you cum so easily, even just by sucking your cock while giving you a long and sexy stare right into your eyes. You will lose it, easily, in a few moments. Hell, in seconds. She can fuck in all different positions without any problems and without any complains. You can tell right away that she’s very experienced in that field, she doesn’t waste any moment and simply gives you what you need.

In our last meeting half a year ago, I remember that she made me cum twice. I asked her for a 3rd round, but sadly the time was up. Now, it’s time for me to come full circle with her and finish the unfinished job from back then 🙂

So a quick summery about Belle:

Face: 9/10. Long hair, blonde, blue eyes, sexy smile, amazing symmetry in her face. FLAWLESS.

Body: 9.5/10. Terrific ass, great skin- smooth as silk, amazing legs. Almost flawless, if her tits were just a tiny bit bigger, she would have gotten the 10 for sure. But this is just me.

Sex: 9/10. As I mentioned, she’s a pro. Sometimes it gets in the way and she becomes a little too robotic, but hey, she can make you cum whenever she wants. Literally.

GFE (Girl Friend Experience): Non-existent.

Will I see her? Yes- but only if her schedule isn’t already filled up 2 weeks in advance like it was in her last round here in Tel aviv 🙂


Veronika: New Escort in Tel Aviv Who Does EVERYTHING

Veronika escort in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real, even though I think she gained a bit of weight since the time they were taken.

The holidays season is over (thanks god), and I’m here again, writing a fresh report for you about a new escort in Tel Aviv that I met yesterday.

Her name is Veronika, and she will not say “No”…We will get to that later…

Veronika is (unsurprisingly) coming to us from Russia but speaks very good English, her height is somewhere between 160-163cm, weight is a little bit more than the pictures show but only just, and she has a somewhat pornstar type of look to her face, which gives a very good hint to what’s coming up next. Hour of fun with her costs 750nis. I gave her an extra 200nis so she will feel more comfortable with me and it paid off big time.

She’s working for the “Tel Aviv Models” agency, an agency which I’ve already mentioned on my blog 2 times in the past, one with Lera and the first one was a few months ago with Nastya. In my opinion, Veronika is the better option from the 3. Not so for her look but more for her sex skills. She’s a pro, just the way I like it.

As I mentioned, Veronika is a very open minded escort and won’t say “No” to pretty much anything you ask her to do (after you give her a little bit of extra money). That includes full GFE, rim job, anal, cum in mouth and there is probably more which I haven’t tried due to lack of time (we spent too much time talking).

“Dirty talk”.

The first round was finished quite easily, it’s very hard not to cum inside her mouth with her professional blow job skills, but from some reason, the second round was too hard for me. We tried all different positions but I just couldn’t get it done. She realized that there isn’t much time left so she asked me to sit next to her, let her hand job me while I lick her boobs and listen to her “dirty talking” inside my hear. Yes, it was a very smart move by her because a moment later she was already cleaning me up after the second dose of liquid came out of me 🙂

A quick summery:

Face: 7.5. A pornstar type of face. Some of you will like it, some will not.

Body: 7.5. Nice body overall, even though I don’t like fake boobs too much. Her ass is ok. She’s not as thin as the pictures show. But I could live with that.

Sex: 9.5. Anal, cum in mouth, rim job and more…You can argue about the face and body, but her sex skills are simply indisputable.

Would I repeat? I think I would, but still not sure. She is sexy, friendly and a good person who knows the job very well.

Enjoy 🙂



Lera: Blonde Escort Tel Aviv with Very Big Boobs (enhanced)

On this Escort Tel Aviv episode I’m going to talk briefly about Lera.

Lera Escort Tel Aviv

Click on the image to see her advertisement. Photos are Real.

Lera is working with the escort agency “Tel Aviv Models” which is considered to be one of the more reliable agencies out there in the Escorts in Tel Aviv field. They usually publish real photos of their ladies so it’s easier for me to decide whether to go for it or not when I’m browsing their site.

As I already mentioned on my blog a few times, I prefer private/independent escorts but something in her photos caught my eyes so I decided to book a meeting with her without thinking that much.

Lera is a good looking girl. One hour of fun with her worth 750NIS. She’s blonde, short, not fat, with very very big tits which unfortunately are fake, but still feel pretty damn good. She entered my room, with a somewhat shy smile, 30 minutes late of the agreed time, which is forgivable. I kissed her on the cheek and told her that she can relax as it appeared to me that she’s kinda nervous or afraid of the whole situation. After a few moments of talking she finally got more relaxed and there we started kissing (no french kisses) and things got a little more enjoyable for both of us.

The sex with her is very standard, no special extras like cum in mouth, anal or other kinkier things. Blow job was also OK and not beyond that. To her credit I can say that her pussy is so narrow, it almost feels like you’re fucking her in the ass so it was very hard for me to last more than a few moments without cumming. If you have a very big dick you might even experience troubles penetrating her so take that into consideration.

All in all I enjoyed my time with her. She doesn’t have the best skills among the working girls I’ve seen so far, but she is definitely trying her best to make you feel happy.

Face: 7.5/10. More cute than classical beautiful, looks like the girl next door more than a pornstar.

Body: 8/10. Compact and short body (around 1.62m-+), very pleasant body and skin, nice ass and big tits, even though fake, I still liked them.

Sex: 7.5/10. She’s obviously tries as much as she can but I had better sex experiences in the past.

Would I repeat? Maybe. And maybe not.

Kristina – One of the best Escorts in Tel Aviv so far

Ok so on this Escorts in Tel Aviv report I’ll be sharing my experience with a girl that has already been in Israel once and probably liked the place so much that she decided to come for a second time. It was my first time with her and this is how it went for me:

Abotu Kristina – A blonde escort in tel aviv 


Click on the image to see her Ad. Photos are real with a small touch of photoshop.

Kristina is a blonde girl from Russia around 20-23 years old. At first I wasn’t sure whether she will be good for me because I like big tits which she obviously lacks but the sex with her made me forget quite fast about the tits issue. The price I paid for an hour of fun with her was 700NIS+200NIS for anal.

One of the best Anal Escorts in Tel Aviv

I had to give this a seperate paragraph as she probably has the best ass I have ever felt and penetrated. She asks for an extra fee for anal (+200NIS) but it was so well worth it. I conentrated on fucking her in the ass for like 15 minutes at least and I felt like I’m in heaven. So soft, round and firm. One of the best. If you are an ass lover you simply can’t miss her out.

All in all – A very good experience

She is a sex machine. She screams during the sex very loudly so you should take this into consideration. A small negative thing I can say against her is that she doesn’t have the best blow job skills, but if you show her the right way she will do the job for you. So to sum this up:

Face: 7.5/10. She’s pretty.

Body: 8.5/10. This is the highest a girl without tits would get in my scale. Her ass is out of this world.

Sex: 9/10. Better blow job skills would get her the 10/10, but 9/10 is also good 🙂

Would I see her again? Hell yeah!

That’s it for the day, I hope it helped. See you in my next review post 🙂

Tel Aviv Escort – Nastya – A Busty Red Head

Nastya tel aviv escort

Click on the image to see her advertisement (not 100% sure if photos are real)

So this is going to be my second report on this blog of  Tel Aviv Escort, this time I will share with you my experience I had with Nastya. I actually met her a few weeks ago but I still remember quite well our encounter so I decide to put it on writing and let you guys know about her. Lets get to business.

I met her in one of the daily use hotels we have here in Tel Aviv along the Yarkon street. The set up of the meeting was quite easy. 750NIS for one hour of fun. She came to my room after a somewhat long wait (35 minutes -+) but with a big smile which made me forget about the waiting quite fast. In my eyes her age is some where around 30-32 and her body looks pretty. Her tits are big, but not as big as the pictures suggest that’s for sure which made me quite disappointed but well, I got over it very quickly as I was very horny that night.

Nastya is a very friendly Tel Aviv Escort option

The sex with her was pretty good actually, she really seemed to be into it and her blow job skills are among the best I encountered from all of the escorts in tel aviv thus far. I cummed inside her while she was riding me (she can go on forever in the cowgirl position). All in all a good experience with this Tel Aviv Escort lady.

To sum this up:

Face: 7.5/10 More cute than beautiful, for the red head lovers.

Body: 7/10 She has a decent body but not something spectacular that I haven’t seen yet. Tits are medium-big (naturals).

Sex: 8.5/10 She did everything she could to make me feel satisfied. Great attitude and desire.

Would I repeat? Not sure. But she is surely a good choice for anyone interested in a very friendly escort in tel aviv with a big smile.

Until next time, feel free to leave comments below 🙂