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Kilye from Tel Aviv: Cum in Mouth, Rim Job and Anal

Kilye escort tel aviv

Click on the image to see her Ad. Photos are 100% real.

Firstly I have to apologize to you guys for not uploading new reports lately. The reason for my absence isΒ  my decision to restrict myself a little bit with visiting escorts in Tel aviv as I’ve spent too much money in the last few weeks. This hobby is quite expensive for us ordinary people πŸ™‚

But now I’m here writing to you about a new gem that I’ve found yesterday. Her name is Kylie, she’s around 25-27 years old, 164-167cm and is coming to us from Russia (speaks good english). She’s currently working in a very nice and clean apartment in Tel Aviv. Hour of fun with her costs 500nis (or 400 for 40 minutes).

Kylie’s beauty isn’t exactly to my taste, but I surely can’t say that she isn’t pretty. She is. And what’s more pretty about her is the very big set of titties that she has. Naturals of course. She has kinda average body overall, not thin and not fat.

The more interesting details about her are the things that she’s willing to do in bed. In one word: Everything! You can cum in her mouth or on her face, you can fuck her in the ass (+100nis), you can finger her, lick her pussy. French kisses are included as well as the amazing rim job that she can give you. I can’t think of a thing that she will say “no” to. Yes, she’s the ultimate combination of a girlfriend and a pornstar experience.

To sum this short review up:

Face: 7/10. I’ve seen better looking girls, but again, this is just a taste sort of thing. I’m sure that there are guys who will love the way her face looks.

Body: 8/10. Big natural tits. Smooth and tight skin, ass is also looking great. Not a small figure, not fat but not thin either. For those who like a body of a real woman, she is for you.

Sex: 10/10. She’s doing everything in bed. And it also seems that she likes what she does. No reason to give her anything below a perfect 10 for her sex abilities.

Will I repeat? Of course. A very sweet girl, great sex, PSE and GFE for the price of one. No reason for me to look for other escorts in tel aviv while she’s in the city.




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