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Finding the Real Independent Escorts Tel Aviv

If your like me, when it comes to the the girls who are escorting I have a preference for those who are independent, that dont use a “driver” or have an escort agency or a “broker” behind them. Its not that the service is usually better, (it almost always is) but I just prefer knowing that she has chosen this particular job on her own and there is no one pressuring her to visit with me, she by herself has made this decision.

Finding such girls is getting just a bit harder these days. There used to be clear division between the escort services and their websites vs the independents with their own websites. Recently however, backpage has seem to have taken the top in google for escort searchs and its pages are flooded with the agencies and pseudo independents, with horrible text, either google translated text, or some of the worst fiction writing I’ve ever come across, And of course the pictures “all claimed to be real” are not what your going to get.

The solution?

Well Israel doesnt have a “wealth” of public independents” but just some simple searching in Google using word combinations like: private independent escort girl tel aviv or independent escorts tel aviv, will usually find you those with private websites. At least those give us a good indication that they really are independent.

Craigslist is pretty bare these days, though once in a while some girl does pop up there. Usually they are new and just testing the waters and don’t know where as to put their first ad.

Backpage, if you really really search, you’ll find a few buried beneath the massive amount escort ads.

There are a few portals that offer a mix, (openadultdirectory, but here they too are mixed with the agencies masquerading as independents.

Best bet is google, using a good word combination there you’ll find such girls as:

Andrea, Jasmine, Shayne, Shirley, Adele, Yarden, Agam and others

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