Erotic Massage with Meital: Big Natural Tits and Happy Ending

To be honest with you guys, I went a little bit over my limits as far as money goes so as a result I decided to limit myself in the next few days. I haven’t been with any new escorts in Tel Aviv or other working girl lately.

Of course I couldn’t leave you without any new report this week so I decided to share some details about a very cool working girl who gives a very sensual Erotic Massage. I’ve been seeing her for quite a while now and I thought it would benefit my readers who are looking for a good body massage with an happy ending near Tel Aviv. So lets get to it…

Meital erotic massage in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her website. The picture is not of hers but is a very good double. A perfect body for an Erotic Massage:)

Meet Meital. She is a pretty girl, with a tanned skin and a shoulder length black hair. She’s about 28-30 years old and her height is somewhere between 164 to 168 cm. The highlight about her is, as you probably already guessed, a wonderful body which is relatively thin and carries a stunning pair of breasts (D-E cup), which are of course all natural 🙂

Meital is a private masseur from Ramat-Gan (bordering Tel Aviv), she’s welcoming her clients at her studio apartment which is very clean and well organized. If you want to book a meeting with her you should call her at least an hour in advance and set up the meeting. Excuse her if she sounds a bit tough on the phone, it’s just her way to protect herself from some weirdos which have been doing some bad stuff to her in the past. When you get to meet her you will see right away that she is a very sweet person, in all aspects :).

What Does the Erotic Massage with Meital include?

She has various deals on her menu, I go only with one which includes 250nis that gets me a body massage / erotic massage and the right to play with her amazing boobs for a maximum time of 30 minutes. And of course an happy ending.

She starts off with a good body massage, which is not professional but yet a very pleasant one with those nice big melons that she has. After like 10 minutes which are spent with her boobs traveling all over your back, she tells you to turn around and lie on your back so that your dick can also enjoy what her body has to offer. Some intense tittyfucking and a bit of dirty talk by her which is something that she does very well, and there I usually lose it and let all my liquid come out. For me, 25-30 minutes is usually enough with her.
From what I know she offers a little kinkier stuff, things like light BDSM, prostate massage, and even for the brave ones she can penetrate to your ass hole with a strap-on that she has. I never asked her any of these things because it’s not appealing to me, but just thought you should know about it if you’re attracted to these sort of stuff.

To sum this post up, I would say that Meital is a great choice for anyone out there who’s looking for a good body massage / erotic massage which includes some nice big natural tits and just in general she’s simply a very cool and easy going person so you will surely enjoy the time with her. By the way, from what I know she won’t have sex with clients, so please don’t insult her by asking for it. Erotic Massage only.

Enjoy 🙂