Kimberly – Private Escort with Big Naturals

Lillit: Independent Escort in Tel Aviv

Photo is not real, but the body and tits are good doubles of what she has

The picts in her website are not her, but they are very close to what you get: long flowing blonde hair, big tits that stand out, and a face that  could star in a porn movie, unfortunately one doesn’t get that porn star experience that the face promises, on the other hand, she does have a sense of humor as she has this section on her website of “real stories, there is only one story, but who among us are not curious about her experiences? Hopefully there will be more.

the password is  mystories.

and back to the natural big titted blond…

She’s actually is a bit embarrassed to speak English though she understands everything  so there isn’t a communication problem. She came out of the bathroom wearing 5” heels and a skimpy outfit that reminded me of what you get in the peep shows. She walked over with a walk that frankly also reminded me of a peep show, so given that feeling I moved over to the chair and let her give me a lap dance. but unlike the standard lap dance i put my hand down her panties  🙂 and sucked on her nipples.

We moved over to the bed, where the fun continued. She has this extremely sexy way about her, be it her eyes looking at me or the way she was rubbing her body over mine. Soon she got down down to business with a good bj. She kept looking up at me with those big eyes… Soon it was time for the main event, and for me that meant her sitting on me, with those tits bouncing  in front of me. However I also like her ass, so while wearing the 5” heels I put her against the wall, taking a step back I almost cum, she was like a blond goddess in that position, Looking back at me, she motioned for me for me to come closer. She grabbed my member and placed it inside.

after pumping her for 5 minutes, she turned around, got down on her knees and finished me off with a combo hand and mouth….

I can recommend her