Arina: Sexy Russian with Big Boobs (and a Dental Bridge)

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Click on the image to see her ad. Photos are real, in real life she looks even better in my opinion.

OK so unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to meet Anya due to heavy budget limitation. Spending 800nis+ hotel room is a bit too much for me at this period of my life when I have quite a few expenses that I have to make, but of course it is impossible to pass such a long period without visiting a beautiful young escort here in Tel Aviv, so I decided to go for a cheaper option, but in my eyes, the better one, in terms of value for money. So I decided to visit Arina.

Arina, who is welcoming her clients in a small apartment in Bat Yam (bordering Tel Aviv), is coming to us from Russia of course. Oddly, she speaks quite a few languages, including English and quite fluently, so the communication with her is perfect.
The highlight about her is her perfect body (173-176cm) and moreover, her relatively large boobs that she carries with her, which are natural, full and soft. It’s been a while since I saw such a perfect chest (she can maybe even compete with Meital in that regard, even though I like Meital’s more).

To be honest, the sex with Arina is a little limited in terms of options, and her young age (20-22) and lack of experience do not add to the situation . But for those of you who are simply looking for a young and very beautiful girl to fuck, Arina can certainly be a good solution for that. I paid 500nis for a full hour of joy in which I managed to cum twice without any hurry or pressure from her.
For people who are looking for an escort that provides the total girlfriend experience with French kissing, she may not be the perfect option for that. With me she was willing to kiss only on the lips, but that’s how it was with me, maybe with others it will be different, I dunno…


To sum this short report up:

Face: 8.5/10. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, dental bridge (which actually was quite a turn on for me), great lips. Very beautiful girl, not doubt.

Body: 10/10. Slim but not too skinny, very long and smooth legs, great ass, and one of the best set of natural boobs I’ve seen in a while. For the natural boobs lovers, she’s a great option.

Sex: 7/10. The sex with her is quite limited, there aren’t any interesting options on her menu. But she can please you. And fucking such a nice figure is always nice.

GFE (girlfriend experience): 5/10. No french kissing, was willing to kiss only on the lips. If GFE is the most important factor for you, don’t bother.

Would I repeat? I think I would. Having sex with such a sexy girl is worth the 500nis in my opinion.