Holidays Period in Israel – Weak Times For Escorts

rosh-hashanaSo 2 of the best working girls I have ever been with, Kylie and Jessica, are not with us anymore. Both have left the country unfortunately (god, I hope these 2 sexy cats will be back soon!).

The current period in Israel, the holidays season, is pretty weak in terms of the action in the escorts scene. Usually it’s a time when most of the escorts that are working in Tel Aviv return back home to their cold countries in eastern Europe.

This holiday season starts on the 13rd of September with the first holiday named “Rosh Hashana” (the Jewish New Year), in between there is “Yom Kippur” (Day of Atonement), and it ends with the final holiday of this season, named “Sukkot” (Tabernacles). All in all, the final day of this long holiday season will be on the 6th of October. As I said, this period is very weak as far as finding any new working girls that are worth being mentioned on my blog.

So until I find some new escort in Tel Aviv to report about, I will mention here again one of my favorite working girls in the area, Meital. She’s local, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a hold of her during the holidays season. For those who haven’t read my report about her, Meital is a very smart and sexy lady with big natural boobs. She is one of the best in the business of Erotic Massage/Body Massage. If you’re in the Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan area, you should definitely check her out and give yourself a 45 minutes of joy and pleasure with her.

Until my next report, enjoy Israel!


P.S You can also check “My TOP 3 escorts in Tel Aviv” page which gets updated pretty often by me.

P.S.S Happy New Year! 🙂



Kilye from Tel Aviv: Cum in Mouth, Rim Job and Anal

Kilye escort tel aviv

Click on the image to see her Ad. Photos are 100% real.

Firstly I have to apologize to you guys for not uploading new reports lately. The reason for my absence is  my decision to restrict myself a little bit with visiting escorts in Tel aviv as I’ve spent too much money in the last few weeks. This hobby is quite expensive for us ordinary people 🙂

But now I’m here writing to you about a new gem that I’ve found yesterday. Her name is Kylie, she’s around 25-27 years old, 164-167cm and is coming to us from Russia (speaks good english). She’s currently working in a very nice and clean apartment in Tel Aviv. Hour of fun with her costs 500nis (or 400 for 40 minutes).

Kylie’s beauty isn’t exactly to my taste, but I surely can’t say that she isn’t pretty. She is. And what’s more pretty about her is the very big set of titties that she has. Naturals of course. She has kinda average body overall, not thin and not fat.

The more interesting details about her are the things that she’s willing to do in bed. In one word: Everything! You can cum in her mouth or on her face, you can fuck her in the ass (+100nis), you can finger her, lick her pussy. French kisses are included as well as the amazing rim job that she can give you. I can’t think of a thing that she will say “no” to. Yes, she’s the ultimate combination of a girlfriend and a pornstar experience.

To sum this short review up:

Face: 7/10. I’ve seen better looking girls, but again, this is just a taste sort of thing. I’m sure that there are guys who will love the way her face looks.

Body: 8/10. Big natural tits. Smooth and tight skin, ass is also looking great. Not a small figure, not fat but not thin either. For those who like a body of a real woman, she is for you.

Sex: 10/10. She’s doing everything in bed. And it also seems that she likes what she does. No reason to give her anything below a perfect 10 for her sex abilities.

Will I repeat? Of course. A very sweet girl, great sex, PSE and GFE for the price of one. No reason for me to look for other escorts in tel aviv while she’s in the city.




Jessica: My Best Sex in Tel Aviv This Year

Jessica sex in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her ad, photos are real.

Sex in Tel Aviv with Jessica.

OK so for my readers here who trust me enough and just can’t wait, if you’re looking for a really good sex in tel aviv, simply stop everything you’re doing and book a meeting with Jessica right now! Because the longer you wait the lesser your chances become of seeing her as in the next few days her schedule is going to get filled up faster than the speed of light. Yes, she’s that good! For those who wanna read about her first, be my guest:

Jessica is coming to us from one of the eastern Europe countries, but quite surprisingly, she speaks English as good as anyone. I was shocked at first but it’s true. She’s a native English speaker which is of course a very good thing for us. An hour of fun with her is 500nis.

She’s around 167-170cm tall, with an athletic body, great ass and small tits. Eyes are brown and so is her hair which is quite long, as you can see in her photos. She’s beautiful, no other way around it. And it’s only getting better and better.

Jessica sets up a new standard for paid Sex in Tel Aviv

If you remember, a while ago, I shared with you a review about another good sex in Tel Aviv with a girl named Christina who got from me the perfect score (10/10) for her sex qualities. Well, it appears that I have to set up a new scale, because Jessica was that much better than Christina.

She’s a professional, she knows how to handle a man, she made me cum twice. Easily! First cum is never an issue for me but the second one always is. With her it was just too easy, I’m telling you, if we would be talking less and doing more, I’m sure I could have even go for a third round. I will surely try that in my next visit with her.

Jessica is a real Nympho. She was enjoying the action just as much as I was, more even. She was wet the whole hour which is a thing that can’t be faked. She moans of joy and looks you straight in the eyes to let you know how good it feels when your dick is inside her drilling her pussy.

Her blow job gets a separate paragraph for me. She has a great technique and combination of hand job, balls licking and dick sucking, all at once, she can make you cum whenever she wants by the way she does her sucking (you can cum in her mouth). Just thinking of that makes me wanna go back to her and let her handle my dick for another few moments (or hours).

I can go on and on about Jessica, but I don’t have the whole day for that, and you’re simply wasting your time reading this, you should have already been on your way to seeing her.

Quick summery:

Face: 7.5/10. If it was only for her face, I wouldn’t bother. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but this is not why I’m going to see her at least 3-4 more times before she leaves.

Body: 8/10. Again, not the main factor for me, even though she has a very solid body, athletic one.

Sex: 11/10. Yes, she’s a PRO.  She’s going straight to my top 3 list as the leader. She’s the best sex in Tel Aviv in my opinion these days. Enough said.

Would I see her again? I think you already know the answer 🙂


Lera: Blonde Escort Tel Aviv with Very Big Boobs (enhanced)

On this Escort Tel Aviv episode I’m going to talk briefly about Lera.

Lera Escort Tel Aviv

Click on the image to see her advertisement. Photos are Real.

Lera is working with the escort agency “Tel Aviv Models” which is considered to be one of the more reliable agencies out there in the Escorts in Tel Aviv field. They usually publish real photos of their ladies so it’s easier for me to decide whether to go for it or not when I’m browsing their site.

As I already mentioned on my blog a few times, I prefer private/independent escorts but something in her photos caught my eyes so I decided to book a meeting with her without thinking that much.

Lera is a good looking girl. One hour of fun with her worth 750NIS. She’s blonde, short, not fat, with very very big tits which unfortunately are fake, but still feel pretty damn good. She entered my room, with a somewhat shy smile, 30 minutes late of the agreed time, which is forgivable. I kissed her on the cheek and told her that she can relax as it appeared to me that she’s kinda nervous or afraid of the whole situation. After a few moments of talking she finally got more relaxed and there we started kissing (no french kisses) and things got a little more enjoyable for both of us.

The sex with her is very standard, no special extras like cum in mouth, anal or other kinkier things. Blow job was also OK and not beyond that. To her credit I can say that her pussy is so narrow, it almost feels like you’re fucking her in the ass so it was very hard for me to last more than a few moments without cumming. If you have a very big dick you might even experience troubles penetrating her so take that into consideration.

All in all I enjoyed my time with her. She doesn’t have the best skills among the working girls I’ve seen so far, but she is definitely trying her best to make you feel happy.

Face: 7.5/10. More cute than classical beautiful, looks like the girl next door more than a pornstar.

Body: 8/10. Compact and short body (around 1.62m-+), very pleasant body and skin, nice ass and big tits, even though fake, I still liked them.

Sex: 7.5/10. She’s obviously tries as much as she can but I had better sex experiences in the past.

Would I repeat? Maybe. And maybe not.

Yarden: Independent Escort in Tel Aviv with DD boobs

Yarden: Independent Escort in Tel Aviv

Click on the picture to see her website. Picture is not real, but the body and tits are good doubles of what she has

Playing with Yarden.

Shes been my fantasy girl since I was 16, since I started to sneak Playboys into my room. Smart, Hot with body that is just perfect for me: 160cm Natural DD’s 50 kg, and she wear the kind of clothes that turn me on: 5 inch heels, short skirt, stockings….

She walks in wearing a long skirt (she already put on her 5” heels) approaches me, a light kiss and she lets the long dress slip off her: Once again my mouth falls open, and I stare.

I’ve seen Yarden many times over the years, so we have a kind of “pseudo relationship” that one has with  a regular. We have nice conversations and to her credit, I still know little about her. I know shes educated, speaks multiple languages, has traveled the world, within this profession and without. Still, she always manages to steer the conversation back to me, so I end of talking about myself, my family, my work. For all I know she is a therapist in her “other life.” And though I enjoy talking to her, that was not the reason I invited her and shes knows that as well…

She straightens herself out in front of the mirror: short brown skirt, fish net stockings, white t-shirt with no bra. I can’t believe that in less than a few minutes I’m going to have my hands all over that. She turns around to check out how “back” looks and I’m all ready hard staring at her. I sit down at the desk. It happens every time with her, I get weak in the legs. I simply can’t believe it, she’s mine for the next hour, and I can put my hands wherever  I want to. This is the kind of girl you see her walking down the street in such a get up and you literally can’t help but stare…or your in a female clothing store with family and there is that girl changing outfits and you just want to slip in to the stall with her…ok, I digress, back to the real thing:
… this time it was the desk where we started. Now Yarden has Natural DD’s so while I sat at the desk and stared, I had her walk over to me and sit on my lap. There I had those DD’s (with no bra) peaking out from her shirt where I stared.  At the same time I had my other hand between her legs. Did I mention she was wearing a short skirt with stockings and 5 inch heels?  After a few minutes of having my face between her DD’s She decides that its time for to get down on her knees. and so she does and she starts to work. I pull up her skirt so I can see more.  Shes good at this, changing between her tits and mouth on my member. After about 15 minutes she looks up at me and with her eyes asks if Im ready. I say yes and she brings out a condom. places it and then asks in a very sweet voice: how would you like it? well I take advantage of the desk and she bends over. I take a step back. I can see her DD’s hanging down in the mirror while i look at the pear shaped behind, knowing that i’m going to be inside in a few seconds.. What a view, a perfect 10. Those 5 inch heels put her in the perfect position for me. she straightens up and those tits in the mirror are just perfect !! After a few minutes of that I tell her its time to sit on me and as I sit on the chair I have her face me and up and down she goes, her DD’s bursting out of her shirt. I could tell that she was getting a bit tired so I brought her over to the bed…

As an independent escort in Tel Aviv she’s surely one of the most expensive ones nowadays….but her attitude, intelligence, english, body make her the ideal girl for me.

A quick update (14/07/2016): Seems like Yarden also liked the clients that have come to her after reading this post. She has just contacted me and asked to let all my visitors know that you can have a 5% discount off of any option she is offering on her “Menu” (one hour, overnight, international travel, a threesome with her friend etc’). All you have to do is to mention my blog to her so she will know that you are eligible for that discount.


Finding the Real Independent Escorts Tel Aviv

If your like me, when it comes to the the girls who are escorting I have a preference for those who are independent, that dont use a “driver” or have an escort agency or a “broker” behind them. Its not that the service is usually better, (it almost always is) but I just prefer knowing that she has chosen this particular job on her own and there is no one pressuring her to visit with me, she by herself has made this decision.

Finding such girls is getting just a bit harder these days. There used to be clear division between the escort services and their websites vs the independents with their own websites. Recently however, backpage has seem to have taken the top in google for escort searchs and its pages are flooded with the agencies and pseudo independents, with horrible text, either google translated text, or some of the worst fiction writing I’ve ever come across, And of course the pictures “all claimed to be real” are not what your going to get.

The solution?

Well Israel doesnt have a “wealth” of public independents” but just some simple searching in Google using word combinations like: private independent escort girl tel aviv or independent escorts tel aviv, will usually find you those with private websites. At least those give us a good indication that they really are independent.

Craigslist is pretty bare these days, though once in a while some girl does pop up there. Usually they are new and just testing the waters and don’t know where as to put their first ad.

Backpage, if you really really search, you’ll find a few buried beneath the massive amount escort ads.

There are a few portals that offer a mix, (openadultdirectory, but here they too are mixed with the agencies masquerading as independents.

Best bet is google, using a good word combination there you’ll find such girls as:

Andrea, Jasmine, Shayne, Shirley, Adele, Yarden, Agam and others

Erotic Massage with Meital: Big Natural Tits and Happy Ending

To be honest with you guys, I went a little bit over my limits as far as money goes so as a result I decided to limit myself in the next few days. I haven’t been with any new escorts in Tel Aviv or other working girl lately.

Of course I couldn’t leave you without any new report this week so I decided to share some details about a very cool working girl who gives a very sensual Erotic Massage. I’ve been seeing her for quite a while now and I thought it would benefit my readers who are looking for a good body massage with an happy ending near Tel Aviv. So lets get to it…

Meital erotic massage in tel aviv

Click on the image to see her website. The picture is not of hers but is a very good double. A perfect body for an Erotic Massage:)

Meet Meital. She is a pretty girl, with a tanned skin and a shoulder length black hair. She’s about 28-30 years old and her height is somewhere between 164 to 168 cm. The highlight about her is, as you probably already guessed, a wonderful body which is relatively thin and carries a stunning pair of breasts (D-E cup), which are of course all natural 🙂

Meital is a private masseur from Ramat-Gan (bordering Tel Aviv), she’s welcoming her clients at her studio apartment which is very clean and well organized. If you want to book a meeting with her you should call her at least an hour in advance and set up the meeting. Excuse her if she sounds a bit tough on the phone, it’s just her way to protect herself from some weirdos which have been doing some bad stuff to her in the past. When you get to meet her you will see right away that she is a very sweet person, in all aspects :).

What Does the Erotic Massage with Meital include?

She has various deals on her menu, I go only with one which includes 250nis that gets me a body massage / erotic massage and the right to play with her amazing boobs for a maximum time of 30 minutes. And of course an happy ending.

She starts off with a good body massage, which is not professional but yet a very pleasant one with those nice big melons that she has. After like 10 minutes which are spent with her boobs traveling all over your back, she tells you to turn around and lie on your back so that your dick can also enjoy what her body has to offer. Some intense tittyfucking and a bit of dirty talk by her which is something that she does very well, and there I usually lose it and let all my liquid come out. For me, 25-30 minutes is usually enough with her.
From what I know she offers a little kinkier stuff, things like light BDSM, prostate massage, and even for the brave ones she can penetrate to your ass hole with a strap-on that she has. I never asked her any of these things because it’s not appealing to me, but just thought you should know about it if you’re attracted to these sort of stuff.

To sum this post up, I would say that Meital is a great choice for anyone out there who’s looking for a good body massage / erotic massage which includes some nice big natural tits and just in general she’s simply a very cool and easy going person so you will surely enjoy the time with her. By the way, from what I know she won’t have sex with clients, so please don’t insult her by asking for it. Erotic Massage only.

Enjoy 🙂

Marina & Katya: An Unforgettable Threesome in Tel Aviv

Marina big boobs threesome in tel aviv

Click on the image to see their ad, photos are real.

I’ve been getting a few messages from you guys asking me “where to find a good threesome in Tel Aviv?”. My answer to all of you was always the same: “I have no clue”.

Well, as of today folks, this is no longer going to be my answer for that specific question, at least for the next few weeks. I’ve just got back from one of the best sex experiences I’ve had in a while in Tel Aviv with sexy Marina and her friend, Katya, who lives with her in her apartment.

Marina, who I’ve already posted a very positive review about, is a blonde russian with natural big boobs. I’ve actually met her 4 times already and wanted to do something different this time. So I asked her if her partner who works with her in the same apartment can join us for an hour of fun. She smiled and immediately went to bring Katya with her (an additional 400NIS). Katya entered the room and just going back now to that moment where the both of them were standing in front of me with their naughty smiles, knowing what’s going to come next, this “picture” gives me such a very hard boner.

Sexy Katya threesome in tel aviv

Click on the image to see their ad, photos are real.

I got so excited from the situation that my little friend down there didn’t want to wake up and function for a few minutes. I told Katya to help me with this problem and suck my cock gently. Well, it’s quite obvious that Katya’s father is a farmer, because she really knows how to raise a cock 🙂

While Katya’s giving me a very pleasant blowjob, Marina who is already familiar with what I like to do with her from our last meetings, simply handed to me her big boobs so I could feel them with my face and suck them like a little baby. This position right there simply felt just too good and I came after like 4 minutes like a 15 years old kid 🙂

We all went to take a quick shower and I knew that the second time would be harder for me but I also knew that they won’t let me leave before I show them my dose of sperm for the second time so it made me feel relaxed and ready for the second round 🙂

The second round started with a good team work by them, Marina sucking my cock while Katya is getting a good taste of my balls. My cock stood up right away and was ready to penetrate their holes. Condom was put on and I started to drill Katya’s pussy in the doggy style position while Marina is standing to my right giving me to suck her golden tits. After a few minutes in that position, Marina told me she wants to feel my cock inside her so they switched and Marina started to ride me in the cowgirl position. Katya who seemed to be quite horny, simply sat on my face and told me to eat her out while Marina is fucking me. Needless to say, I obeyed. This position was again just too much for me and after like 5-7 minutes I shot my second dose of sperm. “That’s it, I’m done for today” I told them. There was still time to try a third round but I knew it would be too difficult for me and I wanted to leave with a good taste.

Took a quick shower, gave them both a kiss and thanked them for this amazing experience. They will probably be staying in Tel Aviv for another 6-8 weeks so I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll order them both for a crazy threesome again at least one more time.




Stephani- Peep Show


Photo is not real, but the tits are close to what she has

Stephanie Peep Show in Afrodita (Ramat Gan-Bursa Area)

The girl was made for sex: Long Blond Hair, big eyes, big tits, long legs. She’s about 29 but barely shows it. The peep show is good for a quicky, with the entrance costing 70nis and time with Stephani, 100nis.

She doesn’t do more than HJ, no matter how much I’ve tried, but she’s good at what she does. As I waited for her in the room with the pole, this time I decided to not sit down. She entered the semi dark room and stood at the entrance wearing those skimpy outfits and 5 inch heels. She let me look at her for a few seconds, she looks like a porn star, no way around it. She walked over and started to press her body next to mine, with her leg between mine pressing. A few minutes later she drops down to her knees and removes my pants. I think for a second, will I get a BJ? …but no, she handles me well and guides me toward the couch. She knows that I like her to sit on me and have simulated sex with her tits infront of my face, her hands on my dick and her hips grinding into me…..but she doesn’t stop there, she stands up and turns around and spreads her legs for me and bends over.

She returns to sit next to me, while putting her tit in my face while finishing me off.

Its a quicky with a very sexy girl….it would be a fantasy come true if she would start to offer full service outside of the peep show.


Liona – Huge natural tits in Tel Aviv (Peepshow)

On this episode of Escort Tel Aviv I’m going to reveal to you a provider that carries with her one of the most wonderful set of natural tits I’ve ever got the privilege of touching. These giant boobs (F or G cup) belong to a 33-38 years old woman, quite chubby but not fat, around 175cm and blonde, who is living in Israel for quite a long time (she’s originally from Russia).

Not a real photo but a very good indication to what you will see when you meet her.

Not a real photo but a very good indication to what you will see when you meet her.

Unfortunately for us Liona is restricting herself to only doing strip tease shows, hand jobs and titty fuck in a peep show room where she has been working in for a few years already. I must respect her decision to stay only in the peepshow field because a woman like her with her impressive stats would be able to make a ton of money if she would decide to be an escort in tel aviv.

The action with her is quite simple, you step into a sex shop in the middle of Tel Aviv, a shop that everybody knows isn’t really selling any sex products but rather a cover up for a peep show business where you can usually find inside 2 working girls at any given time. I’ve been there so many times and in all of my visits I’ve always chosen to go with Liona to the peep show room. I didn’t like the other girls there. If this is your first time with her, she will tell you these rules: 120nis = a striptease show with a happy ending which includes a hand job and a titty fuck, maximum time is 15 minutes. Well I never really needed 15 minutes. I usually cum after only 2-3 minutes of tittyfucking her. Yes, it just feels too damn good to have my dick inside her terrific boobs. I bet nobody who’s straight and sexual healthy can hold more than 5 minutes with her. It’s just not possible and she also knows it which for some weird reason makes it even more sexy for me and challenging to hold longer, but she always wins the fight easily 🙂

I don’t have too much to write about her because the meetings with her are pretty straight forward and we barely even get to talk, she isn’t the friendliest person in the world but she gets the job done for me when I’m in the mood of cumming between some big and soft tits. In terms of value for money she beats any other working girl I know.

She’s usually working on Monday and Wednesday from around 11am to 20pm. You should normally make a phone call before you are planning on visiting her just to make sure she’s indeed there.

Phone#: 03-5605551

Address: Barzilai 7 st., Tel Aviv

Have fun!